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Hifi2000 closed for summer holidays during August. Deluxe 4U/5U chassis will still ship (infrequently) during this time!

Posted by diyAudio Store on

Our Italian chassis partner Hifi2000 is officially closed for summer holidays during August.

However, to ensure DIY builders can still order essential chassis during August, we have pre-arranged for Deluxe 4U, Deluxe 5U and UMS heatsinks to be pre-assembled and they are ready to ship (infrequently) during August.

Any orders that contain products other than Deluxe 4U/5U or UMS heatsinks will ship at the start of September.

Hifi2000 will be operating on a "skeleton crew" during August, but will ship orders once or twice a week, provided they don't require customization. If you need your chassis customized, or want anything other than a Deluxe 4U/5U chassis or UMS heatsinks, you will need to wait until Hifi2000 re-opens in September.

Thank you for your patience!

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