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Sony VFET Kit Status Page

This is an informational status page for kits for Nelson Pass's "Sony VFET" amplifier that will be updated regularly. Please check back periodically. For more information please read the Sony VFET thread.

Change log:

  • 12th January - Updated shipping times for Essential Kits batch 2 and Supplemental Kits batch 1
  • 17th January -  Updated shipping times for Essential Kits batch 2 and Supplemental Kits batch 1
  • 9th Feb - Updated batch 3 release date to 10th February. Email offers to purchase will start sending on 10th February, and then on subsequent days in batches to ensure people can get them in a "first come first served" manner. We do not expect batch 3 to sell out before they become available to the public. Added pricing information.
  • 28 Mar - No changes, but we have an update: Batch 3 of VFET essentials kits still on track for late May shipping, however, they will possibly be ready a few weeks early.
  • 24 Apr - All VFET kits for batch 3 have now been received by our warehouse, and have been sent out along with any other items that were ordered with these kits. Orders were shipped April 22nd.

If you would like to purchase a kit

  1. Follow this link: Sony VFET Kit Interest Group Subscription Page
  2. Enter your details and press "Subscribe to List". You may additionally be asked to prove you are not a robot.
  3. Mailchimp sends you a "confirmation" email to confirm your email address is valid
  4. Check your email system, and see an email with the subject line "Sony VFET Kit Interest Group: Please Confirm Subscription". Click on the link that is in that confirmation email that says "Yes, subscribe me to this list". If you don't see an email, check your spam folder and that your mail filters aren't filtering incoming mail somewhere you can't see it. Usually the mail will arrive within 30 seconds, but sometimes it might take up to 24 hours if the internet's tubes are tied.
  5. You will be taken to a page saying "Your subscription to our list has been confirmed."
  6. Note: Invitations to purchase are always sent "first in best dressed" (people who signed up earlier will receive an invitation earlier, people who signed up later will receive an invitation later)


  • If you have any order related questions (eg: special order requests, order status) please contact customer support at Please do not send messages in any other way (eg: forum PM, posting in a forum thread, or emailing Jason / Mark / Etc directly). 
  • If you have any technical questions (eg: how parts work, electronics theory related, etc) please post them on the Sony VFET thread

Current Status of Kit Releases

Sony VFET "Essentials" kit

This kit contains 2 pairs of matched VFETs, mounting hardware, 2 PCBs, 2 special brackets from Hifi2000 ready to mount onto a UMS compatible chassis/heatsink.

What is in the kit?

  • 2 pairs of original Sony VFETS hand matched by Nelson Pass
  • 2 custom made, black anodized UMS compatible brackets especially fabricated for this project (can also potentially be used for other TO3 projects)
  • 2 VFET PCBs designed and laid out by Nelson Pass, that can be directly mounted to the above brackets
  • All the stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers, fender washers and lock washers to mount 2 pairs of metal cased VFETs and 2 pairs of plastic cased MOSFETs (not included) to the bracket, and to attach the brackets to a UMS chassis or your own chassis
  • Mica insulators for the MOSFETS and mica insulators and tubular insulators for the VFETs
  • 28g. syringe of thermal grease

Batch 1 - SOLD OUT

  • All kits have been shipped

Batch 2 - SOLD OUT

  • All kits have been shipped

Batch 3 - SOLD OUT

  • All kits have been shipped

Sony VFET "Supplemental" kit

This kit contains a number of additional parts needed to complete the amplifier.

What's included in the kit:
  • 72x Vishay-Dale 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • 16x Elna Silmic 2 Capacitors
  • 8x Bourns Trimmer Potentiometers
  • 8x Texas Instruments TL431ACLPR Voltage Ref.
  • 4x Fairchild 1N4004 Diodes
  • 4x Aavid PCB Heatsinks
  • 4x Heatsink Hardware
  • 4x Heatsink Mica Insulators
  • 4x Cree Blue LEDs
  • 2x Lumix Panel LED holders
  • 2x Linear Integrated Systems LSJ 74B JFETs
  • 2x Linear Integrated Systems LSK170B JFETs
  • 2x Above JFETS hand matched
  • 2x Zetex ZTX450 transistors
  • 2x Zetex ZTX550 transistors
  • 2x Vishay IRFP240 MOSFETs
  • 2x Vishay IRFP9240 MOSFETs
  • 2x Fairchild FQP3N30 MOSFETs
  • 2x Fairchild FQP3P20 MOSFETs

Batch 1 - SOLD OUT

  • All orders have shipped

Batch 2 - SOLD OUT

  • All orders have shipped