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40mm Heatsinks

40mm Heatsinks

  • 2400

40mm heatsinks for purchase separately.

  • 100% Aluminum
  • All heatsink fins are "wave" profile for maximum surface area
  • Heatsinks are anodized black. Black provides the highest emissivity (ability to emit energy by radiation).
  • All external (visible) surfaces of the heatsink will be blemish free.  Great care is taken in the factory to ensure that external surfaces are not marked, and shrink wrapped in anti-scratch plastic wrap to preserve.  The interior (non visible) surface of heatsinks will have exactly one thin mark in the corner where the anodization isn't present. This isn't a scratch - just a normal artifact of the anodization process that any anodized product has due to the way anodized products must hang in anodization fluid.
  • The "base" of the heatsink has a minimum thickness of 8mm
  • Please see our UMS heatsink page if you would like pre-drilled and pre-tapped UMS versions of these heatsinks.


Dissipation Ratings

Dimensions  C/W
200 x 40 x 80 0.67
200 x 40 x 120 0.5
200 x 40 x 165 0.38
200 x 40 x 210 0.28
250 x 40 x 210 0.19
300 x 40 x 80 0.45
300 x 40 x 120 0.40
300 x 40 x 165 0.31
300 x 40 x 210 0.18

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Joseph W.
2 pair 5U X 300mm

Showed up neatly packaged and arrived quick considering shipment from Italy. Very pleased with the purchase.


Excellent product. You can adapt these to any chassis you create.

Luis P.
40mm Heatsinks

wow all i can say is wow gorgeous heat sinks

Rob G.

Ordered the 120mm x 300mm size for a amp project. They arrived fast and are nicely made. The quality exceeds my expectations.

Marcel R.
Great service, wrong address

You have done a great job! Beau travail!
Thank you for your support with the bad shipping address (it seems that some italians are dyslexics).
The amplifier is almost ready and I hope it will sound great!

Merci beaucoup!

Marcel Royer

John P.
Good quality

And pleased with the shipping time.

Paul S.
Works well.

I used the 80mm x 300mm for the Amp Camp pcb's and they work fine.

Paul M.

Easy to drill and tap

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