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Amp Camp Amp Chassis

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The Amp Camp Amp V1.8 chassis is custom made for your Amp Camp Amp. If you have a previous version of the ACA parts kit see our ACA upgrading information page.

V1.8 chassis has two new features:

  1. New V1.8 rear panel silkscreen diagram clearly showing how to select all 4 modes (1 stereo, 3 mono) and how to wire inputs and outputs
  2. Improved more secure cover mounting system using weld nuts and hex head screws

Available in silver or back front panels, with with or without a front panel power switch cutout. The ACA parts kit does include a rear DPDT toggle switch which could be used as a rear power switch if you didn't want to use it for any other function (bridge mode switching, LED dimming, etc), or of course just DIY. The rear panel and covers are intentionally made of easy to work aluminum so that it's easy to mod, however you want to mod it!

    This design is based on the 2U Mini Dissipante, which has an internal space of 230mm wide and 200mm deep (heatsinks). You can find more information and specifications on the 2U Mini Dissipante product information page. 


      • Heatsinks: 2 x 2U UMS heatsinks with the new 2U UMS 8 hole pattern drilled and tapped with M3 threads
      • Covers: 3mm black anodized aluminum
      • Front panel: 10mm silver aluminum, with
        • 2 recessed LED cutouts, 3mm in front, 6mm blind recess in rear 
        • "Pass ACA Class A Amplifier" silkscreen
        • Front power switch hole:
          • 20mm dia hole in front, 22mm blind recess in rear
          • Compatible with 19mm "vandal proof" switches with 22mm bezel should you want to "pimp your chassis"
      • Rear panel: 3mm black anodized aluminum, with the following cutouts:
        • 2 RCAs
        • 2 pairs of speaker binding posts
        • 1 11mm dia DC input
        • 1 6.4mm dia power toggle / option switch
        • 1 Neutrik D-Series XLR pattern
      • Shipping not included, but is very economical

     Change history:

    • V1.5 March 2018
      • First revision of chassis
    • V1.6 
      • Added front power switch
      • Rear DC jack hole enlarged from 8mm to 11mm
      • Rear toggle switch hole enlarged from 6mm to 6.4mm 
    • V1.8 June 2020
      • Rear panel silkscreened with mono/stereo connection information to match the 3 way selector switch in the V1.8 parts kit

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    AMP CAMP My first and more to follow.

    I very much enjoyed assembling the Amp camp kit. Instructions were perfect and easy to follow. My grandson helped me and it was a great way to spend time learning and enjoying the challenge. But the best part was reaping the benefits of completion and testing. Listened to Dave Rawlings Machine, Nashville Obsolete on vinyl and it sounded absolutely stunning and clear. I am very much looking forward to our next project. When available we will be ordering the Korg Nutube B1 Preamp kit. cannot wait!

    First of many?

    Complete noob; just finished a pair of ACA 1.8 in two days (with breaks to uncross eyes). Excellent quality; excellent instructions; excellent result. Highly recommended; thanks DIYaudio and Nelson Pass.

    Nicely crafted DIY amp kit with a Great sound !

    Was an enjoyable and a rewarding experience building this kit.. I wasn’t expecting it to sound so good ! I thought the kit was more about learning and more of a “novelty” than a actual fine sounding amplifier.. I paired the amp with some NHT Super one speakers rated at 86db sensitivity thinking it wasn’t going to be “enough” power to be useful... I was pleased to hear these speakers come to Life and sound so natural and smooth .. Nice job once again Nelson and crew...

    Best spent time and Money

    I was floored upon hearing the amp just after biasing both channels. Never thought I can get this kind of sound from a diy kit. It was Sonic purity at its simplest!

    love it!

    I bought the kit toward the end of summer 2019, built it during the fall. Building the amp was great fun. The instructions were easy to follow. Sounds great with an inexpensive passive preamp (Bellari) and a PAS-3 as my phono preamp. My only reservation is power consumption. I was surprised to see it drawing 90 watts for just 8 watts/channel of output. I suppose that's the nature of Class-A design. And 90 watts is much better than the 190 my old amp was using.


    This project was my first amp kit. It went really well. All parts were there and working. Online instructions were easy to follow with ample photos and explanation. Just need some tools aside from the kit. Everything came pretty quickly, even the case from Italy. The amp actually works, and sounds good!

    Great sound AND great looks.

    Wonderful and easy to build amp kit. Great build videos and easy to understand builds instructions. Parts quality is very high...and the sound? Well, the sound is amazing. It drove my Tekton Double Impact with ease. My only wish would be to have a higher 4 ohm output rating. Highly recommended.

    Great Nelson Amp

    Bought and built amp to prove Paul Klipsch theory that all he needs is a good 5 watt amp to drive his Klipschorns. This Nelson amp is fantastic, does the job be yond expectation. Is a great addition to my home built F5 amp and Harmon Kardon Citation II refurbished amp. All three sound great. Are using amp as we write this review. Nice kit build. Questioned the solid wire and suggested that the transistors be labeled better for identification. Another great Nelson Pass low power amp.

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