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Scourge, Bulwark, Marauder and Dreadnaught VFET Front Ends

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Complete kits for Mark Johnson's VFET front ends. These are suitable for both the N and P VFET kits and will also drive other projects that are planned for the future.

Each kit contains two channels worth of parts and two PCBs.

For more information please read Scourge, Bulwark, Marauder, Dreadnought "front end" cards for DIY VFET amp.

Customer Reviews

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Bulwark versus stock Front End

I have built the N and the P version of the V-FET. The P version is with Pa Nelson's stock Front End.
The N version with Bulwark.
Sonically, Bulwark is at least on par with the stock FE and you have the advantage that you can change gain
Component quality is excellent
Dreadnought might be the next...

James M.

I have built all four of these boards for my VFET amp. I sourced the components for two of them (Dreadnought and Bulwark) myself, and bought the other two as complete kits from the store. Having the complete kits made the builds much easier. The components supplied with the kits are high quality, and I have been enjoying the sound of the Scourge and Marauder front ends immensely. All four designs are worth building.

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