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Galaxy 2U w/Steel Covers

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This Galaxy chassis comes with regular feet included. You might be interested in the following extras. Be careful to select the right height, depth and color to match your chassis.

The following substitutions are available for Galaxy chassis with steel covers. Add these substitutions to your cart after adding this chassis to your cart:

US customers please note: Some extras may incur shipping charges due to the extra weight. Please check your total at checkout.


(mm) Height Width Depth
Top Cover
Bottom Cover
Front Panel
Rear Panel

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
James T.
Great little chassis

I built a Raspberry Pi-based streaming player into this chassis. It includes a 3.5" touch display and rotary encoder on the front panel, as well as a Khadas Tone 1 DAC and a 5 volt linear supply. I asked for front panel CNC customization - I sent Modushop a drawing and they turned it around really fast - in a couple of days. Great work as always!


I needed a taller chassis due to mods associated with the NuTube B1 kit board. This did the trick..the kit chassis top & bottom plate were used because there were no slots. Worked great.

Troy S.
Fantastic Product

Absolute bargain and incredible value to dollar ratio!

Nice chassis for the price.

The Galaxy (steel with 3mm faceplate) is a solid unit. I would order it again for certain. A couple of things to note: 1. The stick-on feet do not match the quality of the chassis. I opted for some other feet that raise it higher and will not fall off; 2. Even the 3mm aluminum faceplate/back plate can be difficult to cut/drill precisely if you only have a hand drill and a Dremel. If use are using such tools, get the 3mm version, not the thicker one. My advice: get some thick aluminum sheet to practice on before working on your faceplate or backing plate. Also -- the size of the faceplate and backing plate are slightly different. Label them so you don't make a mistake with drilling!

Mike R.

Everything fit up very nicely and secure. Finishes on the steel and aluminum panels was top notch. All the hardware was included, along with a few extra screws and nuts. Shipping was quicker than expected and very reasonable. Good stuff!

Very nice chassis

I bought two of these for a phono preamp with separate power supply. The chassis are very nice and look very good and fit together well.

The only problem is that the screws that are supplied to tighten down the top and bottom covers are too small to consistently grab the bolt that slides in the sides. I had to scrape off the paint in the holes and I still couldn't get many of them to catch. Some catch a little and then strip. It would be such a simple thing to ship bolts that are a couple millimeters longer, but as things stand now working with the steel covers is a pain.

Also, the stick on rubber feet are very tiny for such an otherwise nice case.

Joel W.

Perfect. Will buy again!

Young C.
Good Chassis

Very nice looking box, shipping was fast and accurate.
One thing, I noticed supplied screw were little short to engage full threads.

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