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Galaxy 3U w/Aluminum Covers

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This Galaxy chassis comes with regular feet included. You might be interested in the following extras. Be careful to select the right height, depth and color to match your chassis.

The following substitutions are available for Galaxy chassis with aluminum covers. Add these substitutions to your cart after adding this chassis to your cart:

US customers please note: Some extras may incur shipping charges due to the extra weight. Please check your total at checkout.


(mm) Height Width Depth
Top Cover
Bottom Cover
Front Panel
Rear Panel

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeff W.
You have to realize

I have bought several chassis from these guys. What amazed me right out of the gate is everything was properly deburred. Everything was square, flat and without blemishes. Now when you go to drill your own holes in it you will discover that the aluminum is some recycled gummy crap. But if you are careful and use sharp tools you can produce nice looking cuts. If this was American made it would cost 3-5x what this does. Its actually a very good deal for the price. Leaps and bounds ahead of 20 years ago. If the plates are too thin go to home depot and buy some 1 x 1 x .09" aluminum angle and rivet or screw a few pieces on the inside of the panels it will fix you right up. These things have all the holes in the right spots, good workmanship, a decent anodized finish and its cheap. other than the crap they make it out of its a top notch product. And the crappy aluminum is plenty strong enough to sit there and be a box. Just be careful drilling it. Its like drilling bubble gum and if you attempt to deburr it with a rout-a-burr be damn careful as it will grab and take a much bigger cut then you want. Use a dull as hell deburring bit or better yet a file or sand paper.

Robert D.
Handsome and well built cabinets

Very nice looking, and well built cabinet that I will be proud to display. It will nicely house my diy tube phono stage.

Tracy Z.
Nice, but covers too thin in aluminum.

The 2mm top and bottom plates measure 1.8mm. They are so thin that, without extra feet, the bottom plate sags with a modest transformer. Further, I get case rattles from the top plate from normal bass lines in the music. More damping , I suppose. 3mm for the covers would be nice.

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