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Galaxy Substitution: Top or Bottom Covers (Aluminum chassis only)

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Please note - substitution only! This is not a physical product. It cannot be purchased separately. This is a substitution request for a single cover that can only be purchased at the same time as you purchase a complete chassis.

You may substitute one or more of your existing aluminum Galaxy covers for a different style of cover.  

  • This aluminum substitution is only available for a Galaxy which already has aluminum covers
  • If your Galaxy has steel covers, please do not add this product to your cart as it will be incompatible with your chassis and your order will not be able to be fulfilled 
  • Prices are per cover.  They are for the substitution of one cover from the standard cover to another style. If you need two substitutions, please purchase two substitutions. Top and bottom covers are the same design and are interchangeable - a top will fit on the bottom and vice versa. 
  • Purchasing one "Blank" substitution means one of the standard covers that comes with your Galaxy will be replaced with a cover that has no holes other than the 4 small mounting screw holes.  
  • Purchasing one "Fully Vented" substitution means one of the standard covers that comes with your Galaxy will be replaced with a cover that is covered in full with vents

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Goods not yet delivered

As I've already discussed with Elana over a week ago, the parcel appears to have been lost by FedEx for over 3 weeks now, and they've contacted me twice requesting detailed description of the item and even a photo. All of that is easy enough to provide - which I did last Friday- but I've yet to receive any follow up. While I hold you and Hifi2000 blameless, this is an incredibly exasperating situation- I'm already out of pocket for over $120 Cdn for the goods and taxes, etc as requested by FedEx, with no delivery date in sight

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