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ACP+ (Amp Camp Pre-Amp + Headphone Amp)

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This is the ACP+ (Amp Camp Pre-Amp + Headphone Amp) PCB, as built at Burning Amp Festival in 2019.

PCBs ($19/$9)

The pre-amp PCB is available for purchase by itself (gold traces, 2oz copper).

A ground plane is also available for purchase so that you can build it naked just like they did at BAF (if you're into that kind of thing).

If you would like to purchase both the pre-amp board and the ground plane, please add both items to your cart.

Both boards are 8" (W) x 6.5” (L) or 203.2mm (W) x 165.1mm (L).

Parts Kit ($179)

This kit of 122 parts across 48 line items includes everything you need to build a "naked" ACP+ ("naked" meaning there is no chassis).

Notably it includes the matched quad of Toshiba 2SJ74-GR JFETs as well as an alps "Blue Velvet" potentiometer.

Please see note below about the parts used in the photographs on this page.

Full Naked Kit Bundle ($199)

A full kit bundle includes the pre-amp PCB, ground plane PCB, parts kit, and JFETs.


Photos of Poet's DIY ACP+

The photo of a built-up ACP+ (taken by Thuss and Farrell) is shown to demonstrate what a completely do-it-yourself ACP+ with a colorful parts selection can look at. 

The parts shown in that photo were all chosen, stuffed and soldered by Patrick Farrell's 10 year old daughter, Poet. 

It did not use the parts kit sold on this page. Please refer to the parts kit photo to see what's included in the parts kit. Notably, the knob shown is a silver anodized aluminum knob from Patrick's spare-parts drawer, which was then spray painted gold by hand. This is do-it-yourself audio, let your imagination run wild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Georg S.
ACP preamp done

Perfect sales good that i bayed this unit great Sound
topp on my Rotel Amp RB 1090 and together with my Titan Quadral speakers

compliments to the DIY staff :))) kind regards Georg Pass fan....

Andre v.d.A.
recommended wholeheartedly

This is a very nice headphone amplifier indeed. It sounds terrific. Many thanks to Nelson Pass and the diyaudio community!

I built mine with the recommended components, except for the decoupling capacitor at the entry, which consists of two 4u7 capacitors in parallel. The heatsinks are hovering above the MOSFETs on a piece of alumininiun u-profile The case is made from scrap aluminium sheet welded together with Durafix.
The power source source is from an 2 * 12V Amplimo toroid transformer and a series of 1500uF smoothing capacitors. It's then followed by a super-regulator for which I built my own PCB.

Dirk H.
ACP+ very good preamp - excellent headphoneamp

I built the ACP+ and was very curious if it will beat Waynes LineStage and the B1 Korg NUTUBE-pre?
There is no winner! Built them all! The ACP+ is a very good sounding preamp. I like it especially as a headphoneamp.
The pcb is well made and big size. Add to buy a matched set of P-channel-JFets (LinearSystems) from
the DIYaudiostore and you have a very good basis for an excellent sounding preamp.
Thanks to Nelson Pass to offer this design to the community!
Thanks to the DIYaudiostore -team for the perfect service! Super fast delivery!!!

Cody T.

Great design, layout and board. I’ve been spending more time with ACP than any of my other pre’s - it sounds fantastic. Probably the best HPA I’ve heard too.

First Class Product

My first time to purchase from the store and it was a great experience. The boards are first class. Mr. Pass's design is first rate as always. Thank you very much!

Gary S.
Great quality as usual.

I only purchased the bare pcb, great quality and delivery time was good for Covid restrictions. Would recommend any of the store products to any purchaser - especially the kits for the beginner or novice builder.

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