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Wayne's Burning Amp 2018 Linestage

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This is the line stage Wayne Colburn presented at Burning Amp 2018.

Read more about it in the Wayne's BA 2018 Linestage discussion thread on diyAudio. 

Watch Wayne's talk about the linestage at Burning Amp 2018, also linked on the Linear Systems website.

PCB Specifications:

  • One blue PCB good for two channels
  • 2oz copper with gold traces
  • PCB dimensions 85x127mm
  • Mounting holes 70x110mm

Parts Kit Specifications:

  • One percent metal film resistors
  • Terminal connectors
  • Various capacitors
  • Everything as shown in the photos
  • Please note: Because of the transistor choices involved when stuffing, there will be parts left over when complete, this is normal
  • Intended to be used with this annotated schematic



Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Wolfgang A.
a great surprise out of an envelope.

very good pcb with all parts you need. peparing and soldering easy going because of the gold surfaces.
then starting it with one power adapter per channel. ( +-18v / 140 mA , two pair of LM337/ BD140 ). the two led awaked.
Then making the right adjustments. connecting the preamp into the complete audio system. now the best moment for diyaudio
builders - the first music ! Thank you Mr. Wayne Colburn for this Burning Amp.......regards and have always a nice time for you and the team of diyaudio !

Allen O.
What a stellar HPA

After reading several reviews, I took a bit of a chance and went with Waynes linestage as the core for my "Copper Watt" HPA project. All I can say is it has greatly exceeded all of my expectations. The sound is accurate and clean with no audible noise floor even with my most revealing headphones. I did some lengthy A/B testing with an extremely clean THX 888 HPA and I cannot hear any audible difference between the two. Very impressive for a DIY unit.

Everything about the build went smoothly. All of the supplied parts are of the highest quality especially for the price. Also, the fact that this can be used in many custom applications makes it an even bigger win. Highly recommended!

Bolke W.
Lovely, lovely sounds

A beautiful sounding machine. Paired with an Aleph J, the sound is detailed, precise, delicate, not bright or harsh. A straightforward build, apart from some SMD shenanigans (gremlins were blamed, but it was all me). Easily sorted with the excellent guidance from forum members. Thanks to all.

Mighty Might

There are so many amps and preamps to try, but this one has a origin story and credibility well deserved. It exceeded my expectations which were high! It also got me to finally learn to work with surface mount parts, a good thing 😁

If you are all about learning to build, build with this one and enjoy both the process and the result.

Petr V.

Thank you for sending, the preamp works very well, I'm still working on the power supply, I have a modified salas + 18-18V. Sounds better than DCB1. Powered by F5.


Fabulous ....but those pesky SMD's...Had to buy another board as I was not happy with my slobber job....I got better but wanted to start over....cant wait to fire it up....Thanks Wayne & all folks involved bringing these great products to market for us DIY'ers!

Stellar Linestage

Even for an oldish geezer such as myself, Wayne Colburn's BA2018 linestage was a breeze to assemble. It performs like a champ: a broad and deep soundstage, excellent detail and a delight to listen to. Many thanks to Wayne and the diyAudio store for making this available!

Dirk H.
Excellent preamp!

This is a preamp for us DIYers offered from the mastermind of the PassLabs preamps - Wayne Colburn.
It sounds very detailed combined with a clarity and without harshness. Bass is solid and controlled. I used
TOSHIBA TTA/TTC004B for the outputstage. Drives all my Poweramps (F-5T, BA-3, BA-1, M2X, 50W-SE-Schade)with ease.
Absolutely no noise audible in my combinations. Can also drive headphones (with big BJTs in the outputstage).
PCB is of excellent quality and was delivered very fast. Thanks to the DIYAUDIOSTORE-team!
Build it - enjoy it!

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