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Mini Dissipante 2U

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This Mini Dissipante chassis comes with regular feet included. You might be interested in the following extras. Be careful to select the right height, depth and color to match your chassis.

US customers please note: Some extras may incur shipping charges due to the extra weight. Please check your total at checkout.


(mm) Height Width Depth
Top Cover
Bottom Cover
Front Panel
Rear Panel

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steve L.
Monster Power Supply in Mini Dissipante

Bought to build ACA matching power supplies and bolted on top of the ACA. I cut a big hole in the ACA top and cut and trimmed the ACA to brackets to get the transformer in and sticking out the top. Very pleased that a quick dusting with satin black paint over the top of the lid covered bare Aluminium edges but the brushed finish still came through leaving a factory OEM look. I love how professional these case look.

Jay T.
Excellent in all ways

As described, shipped fast, & there is nothing this nice for this price.
For a 2 channel chip-amp, this thing's excellent. A bit skinny width wise for a 300 VA toroid and power supply, but that isn't their fault. Next step up in width takes care of that.


I built a gainclone with it. Easy to work with and looks beautiful!!

Great chassis, great price

I've ordered several cases/chassis from The diyAudio Store, and have always been happy with the quality of the product.

In previous builds, I used the Galaxy-series of chassis. This is my first with the Mini Dissipante. I added the optional bottom plate, and I'm glad I did: it adds significant rigidity and "confidence" to the overall design. Also keeps the bottom of the case looking nice, as components get mounted to the internal bottom plate (rather than the true bottom of the chassis). If you're building with the Mini Dissipante cases, I definitely recommend adding the optional bottom plate.

Shipping on these is unbelievably fast. I also had custom machining done, the website said this would add extra time (5 days IIRC) to my order. The case was actually delivered to my house (Italy to USA) in less time than what was supposed to be added to total fulfillment time! I wouldn't have complained if I had to wait, but the turnaround time is nothing short of impressive.

Rasmus L.
Beautiful case.

Very happy with build quality and performance for my Pass ACA 1.1.

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