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Matched JFETs

Matched JFETs

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A range of matched JFET offerings suitable for do-it-yourself audio projects. Learn more about the matching requirements or Idss choice for your project.

Current Offerings

  • N Channel Quad (NNNN)
    • Linear Systems LSK170 Quad Idss 6-8mA - $30
    • Linear Systems LSK170 Quad Idss 8-11mA - $35
  • P Channel Quad (PPPP)
    • Toshiba 2SJ74 Quad Idss 6-8mA - $45
    • Toshiba 2SJ74 Quad Idss 8-11mA - $50
  • NP Quad (NNPP)
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Quad Idss 6-8mA - $40
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Quad Idss 8-11mA - $45
  • NP Octet (NNNNPPPP)
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Octet Idss 6-8mA - $90
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Octet Idss 8-11mA - $100


  • All parts are guaranteed to be new and authentic (Linear Systems are new, Toshiba are new-old-stock)
  • Matched to ±0.1mA, guaranteed ±0.2mA. Tested at 10V / 22'C and sorted into 0.1mA bins. For more information visit the JFET matching information page.
  • All JFETs are grade B/BL (which specifies 6-12mA), but you can now choose from an Idss sub-range. Learn more about how to choose the right Idss for your project
  • Manufacturer specifications: LSK170 | LSJ74 | 2SK170 | 2SJ74
  • Note that any letters or numbers printed on Linear Systems JFETs do not refer to  grade, they are batch identification. All grades have identical physical housing. You cannot tell the grade by looking at the JFET itself. The only way to know the grade is by testing for Idss. 

Quantity Limits

  • N Quads: Limit of 8 units per customer per month 
  • P Quads/NP Quads: Limit of 2 units per customer per month 
  • NP Octets: Limit of 1 units per customer per month

These JFETs are provided as a service to the do-it-yourself audio hobbyist community and it's important that we can always keep these parts in stock for small orders from hobbyists. Please only buy what you need. 

If you need more than the above quantity for a particular build, please email

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Ian M.
    NP Octet

    Ordered Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Octet Idss 6-8mA and was very pleased to receive just that. I thought the genuine Toshiba parts had long gone! I haven't used these yet - still waiting for other parts - but I did measure Idss and found them all close to 8ma. Very impressed.

    Scott L.
    Matched JFETs

    I have used these a few times as stand ins for the Toshiba's with success. The purchase of these matched from DIY audio really simplifies the process and saves time and money.

    Well done DIY audio.

    Worked well in my roll your own F7

    The finished amp sounds wonderful.

    Andrea U.
    not assembled yet, but...

    I know they will work great; I had some major trouble with shipping to Italy, since the tracking number went suddenly lost :
    let me thank Elena@diyAudioStore for solving my problem as fast as light. TOP experience, highly satisfiyng.

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