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F5 parts Kit

F5 parts Kit

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This is a stuffing kit for the F5 V3 PCBs.

It does not include the JFETs for Q1 and Q2 or the F5 PCB.

See the PCB page for more information including the F5v3 Build Guide.

Good for 2 channels.


Part Value Qty. In this kit? Notes
R1 4.75k 2 Yes
47.5k 2 Yes
R3, R4 10R 4 Yes
R5, 6, 21, 22 2.21k 8 Yes A few extra 2.21K resistors are included for the R5 R6 positions in case extra series resistance in needed to get the bias up to proper levels. Most builders will not need them, but they are nice to have on hand.
R7, R8 .47R 3W 4 Yes
R9, 10, 11,12 100R 3W 8 Yes
R13, 14, 17, 18 100R 8 Yes
R15, R16 1k 4 Yes
R19, R20 10k 4 Yes
P1, P2 5k 4 Yes
P3 200R 2 Yes
TH1, TH2 4.7k 4 Yes
Q1 2SK170 2 No Source Q1 and Q2 Separately as 2 matched NP pairs*
Q2 2SJ74 2 No Source Q1 and Q2 Separately as 2 matched NP pairs*
Q3 IRFP9240 2 Yes
Q4 IRFP240 2 Yes
Q5 ZTX550 2 Yes
Q6 ZTX450 2 Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Graeme D.
F5 kit and PCBs

As expected, first rate in every way. Where else could you expect to get this standard of parts already selected and graded.

Luis P.
F5 parts Kit

quality parts kit that made things easier .No sourcing from different suppliers, which more often than not costs more due to shipping alone .my f5 is playing beautiful music .Now i will be using diy audio store for all my first watt builds and other builds as well .thank you guys for this i highly recommend diyaudio to my friends and anyone else building these amps or kits. Wonderful store and exceptional service .


Beautiful PCBs, all received as mentioned, an excellent kit, but it always the case with the DIY store.
I wish the LED and its resistor were include but no big deal.
For the Jfet , it seems more complicated as they must be paired.
But "in fine", the kit is a big time saver and well done !

Hazim S.
Reliable and trustworthy

Piece of mind - high quality, easy to buy, trusted.

Radovan V.
F5 project

First class kit, build the F5 and the sound is verry, verry good. Thanks folks for top sound for little money.

nistikoulis a.

Thank you very much for the great service and delivery.The products are of excellent quality and I will surely be returning to your store for future needs

Benjamin F.
High quality, guaranteeing excellent sound

One can't go wrong with any of the parts kits from this shop, including for the F5. All parts had very accurate values, no need to go searching suppliers for alternates as the best was already included in the kit.

William E.
Great kit

As an absolute beginner with electronics and building any sorts of amplifier it was hard to understand what parts worked and what would not. This kit really helped me with an all-in-one solution (except for jfets) and made my first build a really fun project. Will definitely buy more from here for future projects.

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