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Please note: the numbers on the MOSFETs are ID numbers only, and are not related to their measurements nor their matching

F-5 Transistor Kit

  • 2900

Included in this kit are the semiconductors needed to complete an F-5 amplifier,  with the exception of the input JFETs, which can be sourced separately through the store. MOSFETs were matched in accordance with standard operating conditions. This is enough MOSFETs for 2 channels (one stereo amplifier).

  • 2 x IRFP240
  • 2 x IRFP9141 (replacing IRFP9240)
  • 2 x ZTX450
  • 2 x ZTX550

Change history

  • 2022-04-20 - At Nelson's suggestion, this kit contains Harris P channel MOSFETs instead of International Rectifier MOSFETs. These are considered better parts, with less distortion, and match nicely (.1V Vgs at 0.1A). They have a lower maximum voltage at 100V however 100V is suitable for this application. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Glen C.
Excellent service

Fast service. The match was excellent. I used the Mosfets in my M2X and set the offset pot to center the bias resistance between the P and N sides. . Upon power-up I only needed to touch up the offset.

F-5 Transistors

Yes, then F-5 transistors have been received and PCB came a little earlier, so now is the time to collect the rest of the necessary components. But the summertime that comes now makes the Diy activity go down a bit.

Frank B.
Transistor Kit

Perfect qualityband fast delivery thanks. Greatings from Switzerland

Albert T.
F-5 Transistor Kit

Peace of mind by buying from diyAudioStore. Save me money since I don't have to buy a bunch of those mosfets and matching them myself (no hassle).

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