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Analog Crossover Network Chassis (Pre-order: Ships Nov 15 2018)

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Custom chassis for the Analog Crossover Network.

About the current pictures:

  • Pictures shown are prototype only
  • The final product will have the front panel nicely anodized so the "pot slot" looks nicer
  • The final product will have a silkscreened rear panel

What's included:

  • Customized Galaxy 2U 230x230 chassis (steel covers and rear panel)
  • Front
    • "Analog Crossover Network" silkscreen
    • LED holes in the front
    • "Pot slot" on the inside of the front panel. This is a groove CNC cut in the front panel to reduce the panel thickness to 4mm. This allows the easy mounting of various potentiometers or other devices that require a thin front panel.
  • Rear
    • DC input hole
    • 8 RCA holes (that's 2 for input, 6 for output)
    • 4 Neutrik D-Series XLR holes (1 for input, 3 for output)
    • Silkscreen to show inputs and outputs

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