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CAD drawing preparation service

CAD drawing preparation service

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If you don't happen to be an Auto-CAD guru, we can prepare CAD files for you based on a sketch.


  • A clear sketch with scale of 1:1
  • Almost any format is acceptable, eg: PDF, PNG, GIF, TIF, JPG


  1. Purchase this service and attach your sketch
  2. Our technicians will review your sketch and prepare a CAD file in DXF/DWG format
  3. The design will be emailed to you for your approval in your choice of PDF or DXF format. PDFs can be viewed using the free Adobe PDF reader and DXFs can be viewed using the free eDrawings viewer.
  4. Once you have approved the CAD file, the file will be emailed to you in PDF and DXF format.  If you have already purchased a CNC cutting service, we will start work on your service.  If not, you are welcome to purchase a chassis or panel and use your new CAD file to specify exactly what CNC work you would like performed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chip P.
Six Faceplates in

I have commissioned 6 faceplates this spring. Like the other comment, I learned as I went along. And there is a lot to learn to make sure communication is working. Ask all your questions, Gianluca is great to work with. Learn the difference between engraving and printing.

The final work is worth minding the details. I'd be looking at a lot of blank aluminum without these services.

Jay T.
Great Service

For those of us that don't own a CAD package and don't want to take the time to learn one, this is a fabulous service. The first project I did (a Mini Dissipante backpanel) came out perfectly. The second project which was a preamp in a Slimline case had a complex front and back panel. I made an assumption about the drawings Modushop sent to approve which resulted in a minor mistake which I was able to work around. I learned my lesson to not make assumptions and double check if anything isn't completely clear. That said, I will definitely use this service again on my next project.

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