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Chassis Baseplate (Mini Dissipante)

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Baseplates give the following advantages over using the cover to mount your components:

  • Strength: The baseplate will flex less than your covers.  The edge of each side of the baseplate has been cut and bent to create 90' lips/edges/flanges which add significant rigidity.  Depending on what your covers are made of, how much material from them has been removed to create vents, and how heavy your components are (we're talking about you, transformers!), you might benefit from a more rigid base.
  • Aesthetics: If you'd like a clean look to your bottom cover and not have holes/screws/nuts showing underneath, a baseplate lets you mount everything inside the chassis, keeping the exterior looking sharp
  • Easy mounting / Less drilling: Being drilled in a 10mm x 10mm hole pattern, it's easy to plan for and attach things to it.  It's also easy to rotate something 90' if you change your mind.
  • Good for your OCD: There's an odd number of holes running left to right, giving you a perfectly aligned center hole right in the middle for your transformer. Your cover also won't end up looking like swiss cheese as you endlessly "optimize" the placement of the other parts.
  • Future proof: No matter what you end up using your chassis for in the future, with the convenient 10mm x 10mm pattern you know you'll be able to re-use it for more projects in the future


  • 10mm x 10mm hole pattern for mounting compatibility with most diyAudio Store PCBs.  The depth option must match the depth of your chassis - it does not reflect the depth of the baseplate itself (see dimensions below).
  • All baseplates are made of 1.2mm galvanized iron
  • The holes are spaced in a convenient 10mm x 10mm pattern.  This is compatible with most diyAudio Store PCBs (eg: PSU) and is easy on your brain.
  • Holes have diameter 4mm

Mini Dissipante Baseplate Dimensions:

  • For Mini Dissipante chassis that are 230mm wide
    • Baseplate Model 23-200/250/300 - 144mm x 170mm (shorter)
    • Baseplate Model 23-250/300 - 144 x 240mm (longer)

  • For Mini Dissipante chassis that are 330mm wide
    • Baseplate Model 33-200/250/300 - 244mm x 170mm
    • Baseplate Model 33-250/300 - 244mm x 240mm
    • Baseplate Model 33-400 - 244mm x 360mm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Dan P.

    As hoped, this 33-250/300 base plate (244mm x 240mm) for a 3U Mini Dissipante is just big enough to fit a First Watt style PSU and 300VAC toroidal transformer. Perfect for my application.

    Steve L.

    Bought a pair to give me some different options for mounting transformers inside a pair of mini dissipante cases above the filter boards but did not use them in the end. But at just 8 bucks It was worth it just to have options. Happy to keep them around for re-purposing another day.

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