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Drilling and tapping of 40mm heatsinks

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40mm heatsinks can be drilled and tapped to your specification.

All you need to do is attach a DXF or DWG with your design file to your order and our talented team will guide our CNC machines to do the rest.  The work will be performed on a panel that has already been anodized and some surface scratching may occur during the drilling and tapping.  If you would like to have the panel re-anodized that's not a problem - just purchase our re-anodization service.

Lead time is 8-10 working days. 


  • Price is PER HEATSINK.  A 300mm deep chassis has 1 heatsinks per side (2 in total for the chassis), a 400mm deep chassis has 2 heatsinks per side (4 in total for the chassis).
  • Minimum thread depth - 5mm. The thinnest part of the heatsinks is 8mm. Holes are drilled 5-6mm deep so as not to puncture the exterior. Holes are then tapped all the way.
  • The price of $50 will be suitable for almost all examples of this service.  We do reserve the right to ask for surcharge in the event of extremely difficult or complicated work.
  • DXF or DWG file - Please see our CAD Files for Customization of Chassis Panels page for source files.  If you aren't a CAD guru, can't make your own files or would rather we did it for you, then we can prepare a CAD file for you from a sketch.

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