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Elekit TU-8100 PCL86 integrated SET amplifier

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This is a compact stereo integrated SET (single ended triode) amplifier kit from Elekit, who are a respectable Japanese kit company that have been around since the 90s. It comes with a 16 page PDF build guide in English - TU-8100 Build Guide. Support will be provided in the TU-8100 support thread on diyAudio.

You might have heard about SET amplifiers before and wondered what all the fuss is about. They are known for their low output power, high distortion (of the right kind), and beautiful sound. The distortion is predominantly second order harmonic which being even-order is described as "sweet/tubey" and being low-order as "benign/inaudible". Due to their low power output, they are commonly paired with high sensitivity full range drivers. 

This amplifier uses two Siemens PCL86 (14GW8) tubes and produces 2W into 6 ohms at 10% distortion. It's powered by 12V DC via a SMPS (or any DC source), and therefore makes a great choice for a beginner to safely make their first SET tube amplifier. 

There are 2 RCA inputs on the rear for connection to your discrete audio components, and a 3.5mm input on the front for easy connection to portable music players.

It ships with a universal AC adapter that accepts any input voltage. The circuit design features an inverter that reduces hum. Alternatively, it can also be run from suitable 12V battery.

With a jumper adjustment, the amplifier can use ECL86 (6GW8) tubes instead of PCL86 (14GW8), without regard to the voltage difference.


  • Large output transformer
  • Non inductive PP film coupling capacitor
  • Heat guards cover the tubes for safety, as well as limiting physical movement which helps with ooscillation
  • Gold plated binding posts compatible with wire and banana plugs
  • Gold played input jacks (RCA and 3.5mm)


  • A microcontroller manages soft start and B power delay after the tube heater soft starts, emulating the functionality of rectifier tubes, providing a tube-friendly warm up sequence
  • Monitors 6 key voltages and shuts down the heater and B power source if a problem is detected. If a problem is detected a warning LED will flash to provide a visual alert. This can prevent problems caused by contact failures, poor soldering or tube malfunction.

New Design 

  • While being a standard tube amplifier configuration, it's been fit into a very compact chassis, with a desk and shelf friendly footprint of just 5.5" square
  • Simple operation, with the volume control being the extent of operational experience required
  • New silver metallic chassis design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easily maintained
  • SMD devices pre-soldered to the PCB


  • Vacuum Tubes: 2xPCL86
  • Rated Output: 2W per channel into 6 ohms at 10% THD
  • Rated Input: 500mV(INPUT-1), 150mV(INPUT-2)
  • Frequency Response: 23-33,000Hz
  • Residual Noise: 40microV(IEC WEIGHTING)
  • Corresponding Speakers: 4-8ohm
  • Output Terminal: Binding post (Banana plug compatible)
  • Input Voltage: 12VDC, approx. 2A (fixed)
  • AC Adapter: World compatible 12V@4.17A Switch mode power supply
  • Dimension: W142xH136xD178mm (including projections)
  • Weight: Approx.1.8kg (excluding AC adapter)


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