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Elekit TU-8200R DX 6L6GC Integrated Amplifier/HPA Kit with Lundahl Transformers

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This is a unique deluxe version of the the 8200's new "R" release.

Notably, the original output transformers in the 8200R have been upgraded to Lundahl LL2777Bs.

Mr Fujita himself has designed and produced custom PCBs for these transformers to replace the originals. We include a pair of these PCBs, as well as matching transformer mounting brackets and high voltage cable harnesses. Everything is a direct replacement for the original parts (which have been removed to save shipping weight), and bolts straight in without the need for any additional drilling. 

It has low ESR conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors used for the cathode bypass voltage amplification section. These low ESR electrolytic capacitors offer higher resolution and an improved sound quality.

Please note there is a small correction required to the manual. On page 3, section 1 covering resistors, the correct part for R70 is the 1/2W 0.47Ohm resistor. The correct part for R69 is the 12Ohm resistor.


      • 2 x Lundahl LL2777B transformers
      • 2 x custom PCBs designed by Mr Fujita for the LL2777B
      • 2 x high voltage harness cables
      • 2 x transformer brackets and mounting screws (direct replacement for original)
      • Ships with JJ 6L6GC and JJ 12AU7/ECC82 power tubes, but also accepts KT88, KT90, KT66, EL34, etc
      • Organic cathode bypass capacitors
      • Film coupling capacitors
      • Circuit automatically adjusts bias for the optimal operation of each tube
      • 3 amplification modes can be selected using PCB jumpers:
        • Ultra linear (8W + 8W)
        • Triode (4W + 4W)
        • Pentode (8.2W + 8.2W)
      • FET ripple filter on board for power B for both left and right channels
      • Overcurrent protection
      • Power input: Universal R-core power transformer with 100/115/200/230V selectable during assembly
      • High quality PCB with 70um copper traces (double regular thickness)
      • Designed with beginners in mind - modular "plug and play" PCB design 
        • Audio Inputs:
          • Input 1: 2x RCA
          • Input 2: 2 x RCA / 3.5mm jack
        • Audio Outputs:
          • Rear
            • Left and right +/- gold plated screw type binding posts, banana plug compatible
            • Speaker impedance selector switch - 8-16Ω / 4-6.3Ω
          • Front
            • Headphone jack


        Tools required

        • Phillips screwdriver
        • Diagonal cutter
        • Longnose pliers
        • Scissors
        • Scotch tape
        • Hex wrench
        • Soldering iron


        • Transformers: Lundahl LL2777B (original transformers have been removed to save shipping weight)
        • Stock tubes: 2 x 6L6GC, 2 x 12AU7
        • Rated output
          • 6L6GC (Ultra Linear): 8W + 8W (into 8Ω)
          • 6L6GC (Pentode): 8.2W + 8.2W
          • 6L6GC (Triode): 4W + 4W
        • Rated input: 6L6GC (UL connection): 340mV
        • Residual noise: 6L6GC (UL connection): 0.90mV (IEC)
        • Frequency response: 12Hz - 50kHz (-3dB)
        • Input terminals: 2 x Line-in, 3.5mm input jack
        • Input voltage: 100/110/200/230V AC via IEC inlet
        • Power consumption: 60W (using 6L6GC)
        • Dimensions: 252 x 158 x 285mm (including projections)
        • Weight: ~6.6kg assembled



        Customer Reviews

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        Greg C.
        The Elekit TU-8200R DX is a very fun kit to build!

        The amp sounds awesome! Just take your time, follow the directions, and you can’t go wrong. I had a slight hum on the initial build with no sound but went over all my soldering and found the issue and has been working ever since. I even had mine specially powder coat painted in a color of my choosing which makes the amp even sexier! It’s a great SET amp for the price with all high quality parts. A definite end game headphone amp.

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