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J74/J74 Stereo Differential Kit

J74/J74 Stereo Differential Kit

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Pair of matched J74 (stereo) , for the differential amplifier found in the Aleph J and BA-1 gain stage.
  • Linear Systems JFETS, now available as a package for the differential amplifier found the the gain stage of the Aleph J and BA-1 front-end. These circuits use a matched pair of J74 P-channel fets for gain.
  • One package is perfect for a Stereo Aleph J, BA-1 front end, and more!
  • 2 matched pairs LSJ74 JFETS, B grade (B grade has Idss ranging from 6.0-12.0)
  • Each unit has 4 pieces in total, paired. The pairs are taped together in the package, please don't mix the pairs.
  • Limited of 2 units per customer per month.
If you are building a F4, F5, F5T, F6, BA-3 or other amp with a complimentary (N-channel and P-channel pair) in the circuit, you do not want to use these transistors. What you are looking for is: Linear Systems Matched LSK170/LSJ74 Jfet Pairs.

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