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Scandinavian Audio Labs SAL 08C08 (Pair)

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Scandinavian Audio Labs was created by Frank Jensen to produce loudspeaker drivers. His goal is to develop and produce the overall best sounding full range speaker drivers on the market.

Great care has been taken to select the most appropriate materials for each part. Many hours have been spent measuring their characteristics and much more time in listening tests. The drivers are designed for use in two-way open baffle systems, crossing over at 100-200Hz, but they also work very well as single drivers in boxes due to their generous excursion for a full range driver, as Nelson Pass demonstrated at Burning Amp.

Another feature of the drivers is an extremely low mass cone, which has excellent audio properties. It is similar to paper, but actually made of very long fibers of a proprietary material and then coated. The drivers have an under-hung magnetic structure to increase linearity of the magnetic flux, optimizing the environment for the voice coil, which results in lower distortion.

The SAL 08C08 drivers are hand-assembled in Denmark, and are a new product, so production is very limited for now. The diyAudio Store has exclusive rights to sell them in the United States and we are planning that in the future, production will become more efficient so more people will be able to enjoy them. Nelson Pass plans to start a thread discussing his designs for the drivers, including one with a 2 way active crossover.

If you are not satisfied, the drivers may be returned within ten (10) days, at your cost, in their original shipping boxes (subject to the diyAudio store policies on returns plus a 15% restocking fee).

Two Scandinavian Audio Labs SAL 08C08 drivers: $1080.00 the pair shipped directly from our PA warehouse. Please choose "Quantity 1" to purchase "One matched pair".

Dick Olsher’s review is here: Black Dahlia - Scandinavian Audio Labs SAL 08C08 Drivers

“Once I heard the SAL’s at Burning Amp in Nelson Pass’ room I had to have a pair. Unfortunately Scandinavian Audio Lab had no U. S. retail outlet, so the only way I could get them was to become that dealer! “

Mark Cronander
diyAudio Editor
Burning Amp Founder


Technical Details

The SAL08C08 is a 6.5” full range driver in an 8” frame CNC machined from 10 mm aluminum stock.  The frame keeps the critical components in precise alignment and incorporates an aluminum phase plug. Generous openings keep air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum. The driver is specifically designed for use in open baffle systems or in sealed cabinets. Drivers are paired using their Thiele-Small parameters.

The cone is made from a special, very lightweight fiber material, with excellent audio properties. The surround is made from a flexible and stable foam material and the whizzer cone for high frequency reproduction is directly coupled to the voice coil. A large, open weave Nomex spider with a damping ring reflects very little acoustic energy to the cone, and offers excellent linearity. A heat resistant, non-conductive glass fiber coil former allows a high mechanical Q for the voice coil assembly. The underhung magnetic design consists of two large 140X60X20 mm ferrite ring magnets creating 1.4T in the 9 mm wide gap height. The magnetic structure is optimized for maximum flux linearity throughout the gap.

A mechanical drawing of the driver is available in PDF format. 

Design Highlights:

  • Excellent musical reproduction
  • Optimized parameters for open baffle
  • Very low mass cone
  • Spider damper
  • Large linear Xmax of 5.5 mm.
  • Large 5.5kg magnetic structure
  • All CNC machined parts.

Thiele-Small Parameters:

  • Fs: 68Hz
  • Qhms:  8.2
  • Vas: 17L
  • Mms:  7.4 g.
  • Qes:  0.89
  • Re: 5.9 Ohm
  • Cms:  0.7 mm/N
  • Qts: 0.81
  • Le: 0.149 @ 10KHz
  • SPL: 94 dB @ 2.83Vrms
  • BL:  4.57 Average measurement

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