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Sony VFET kit (Batch 3)

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This is a special page for dedicated Sony VFET builder eyes only! :) Please do not share this page with anyone else.

  • More information can be found on the Sony VFET Kit Status Page
  • This is a pre-order. The VFET essentials kit (batch 3) will start shipping in May 2017.
  • If you already have purchased 2 kits from previous batches, please do not order more. We would like to limit this kit to a maximum of 2 per diyAudio member so as many people as possible are able to build this amp. Thank you for your consideration of other diyAudio members.


All orders for VFET related parts will be manually checked against the parts and quantities you requested. Please enter your diyAudio username(s), and order the items you requested, up to a maximum of 2 kits per diyAudio member.  Ordering more than 2 kits will result in your order being rejected.


If you have any special requests, please email with your request and we will do everything we can to cater to your needs. Due to our use of a 3rd party warehouse, it's limited what we can do, but we'll try!


The lovely brackets were custom made to fit the UMS heatsinks found in the Deluxe 4UDeluxe 5U and UMS heatsinks. The bracket will bolt straight on to these chassis/heatsinks. All holes have been chamfered to protect the insulators. After working, they were then anodized in black, to perfectly match the UMS heatsinks.

Brackets are available for purchase directly from Hifi2000

Members who live in the EU VAT zone are be able to order the VFET kit and PCBs by themselves ($148), and then order brackets directly from Hifi2000 in order to save money on shipping and VAT, however this is a manual process. If you would like to do this, please email contact@diyaudiostore for more details. As we are now running low on brackets in the US, we encourage EU buyers to purchase the bracket-less kit, and order brackets directly from Hifi2000. 

PERMANENT UPDATE 14TH FEB: Bracket-less option now available for $148 (no geographic restrictions)

Based on current sales statistics and projected inventory levels, we are now offering the kit to be purchased without brackets (regardless of your location) as we have less brackets than expected, due to less EU sales in batch 3. This may change at any time, as we try to balance inventory with demand.


The VFET Supplemental Kit is now available and ready to ship. Please visit the VFET supplemental kit information page for more information. Please see next note on "partial orders"


Please note that your whole order will be held until ALL the parts are ready. If you want to have things shipped to you as they become available, please place separate orders for each item. Currently the PCBs, brackets, and supplemental kits are all in stock. The essential kit (batch 3) is not in stock and will ship in May. 

One order = one shipment payment = one shipment. We can not ship "partial orders".

Important note about international shipping methods and insurance

As these kits are rare and potentially impossible to replace, we strongly, strongly recommend using a fully tracked shipping service, with signature required, especially for international orders. Notes on international shipping options:

  • USPS First Class International - slow, not tracked, not insured. We strongly recommend against using this service to ship your valuable unobtainium.
  • USPS Priority International - USE THIS. Fast, tracked and insured
  • USPS Express International - Super fast, tracked and insured

 What is in the kit?

  • 2 pairs of VFETS hand matched by Nelson Pass
  • 2 Black anodized UMS compatible brackets 
  • 2 PCBs designed and laid out by Nelson Pass
  • All the stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers, fender washers and lock washers to mount 2 pairs of metal cased VFETs and 2 pairs of plastic cased MOSFETs (not included) to the bracket, and to attach the brackets to a UMS chassis or your own chassis
  • Mica insulators for the MOSFETS and mica insulators and tubular insulators for the VFETs
  • 28g. syringe of thermal grease

If you are interested in other parts you need to finish the amp, please consider the Sony VFET Supplemental kit, which can be ordered in addition to the essentials kit.

Thank you for your patience and support, and happy building! :)



Customer Reviews

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1 x Sony VFET kit (Batch 3)

Goop, Mica, Screws, protecting Gloves all needed extra to fix up careful the
rare Sony VFET parts.
Best Service by Store.

Amazing SONY VFet

hi Jason & team

I am absolutely amazed about the the quality of this kit and would love to get one more...:-) Cannot wait to start building. I am just waiting for Chassis and Amplimo power transformers... Great work, super service, top parts, beautyful pcbs (how about a black version of the universal PSU?) - very recommended!

Hi. Bought a Sony VFET

Hi. Bought a Sony VFET kit. Very informative and timely email communication. Fast shipping. Excellent service. Very recommended


Hello, Jason. This kit easily earned an A+ for its superb quality and accurate workmanship. The packaging of its contents is intelligent and practical. It is secure to ship anywhere in the world. The kit components are clearly and neatly separated by identity or function. The PCBs for this kit are remarkable. They are well-labeled, neatly constructed and downright beautiful too. They are fine pieces of art. I believe the assembly of this kit will be enjoyable and will also make a great-sounding amplifier. My thanks to the team who assembled this kit.