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Dissipante Substitution: Front Panel

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Please note - substitution only! This is not a physical product. It cannot be purchased separately. This is a substitution request for a front panel that can only be purchased at the same time as you purchase a complete chassis.

This substitution is to replace the regular front panel in a Dissipante chassis with the customized one found in the front of Deluxe chassis. 

  • Your front panel will be substituted with one a new aluminum faceplate 10mm thick, 450mm wide with rounded corners and anodized in silver
  • 9 blind M3 pre-tapped mounting holes suitable for mounting all kinds of things to the faceplate - diodes, PCBs, riser panels, potentiometers, etc
  • Mount single or dual PSU boards directly to the back of the front panel
  • Designed so risers can be bolted to the chassis using two axis to create stable interior platforms within the chassis and maximize all the interior space 
  • Use with risers and easily mount front panel components such as pots and dials to the risers with extension rods going through the front panel, saving the need for complicated or messy hacking in order to attach things to the front panel 
  • The 9th hole is perfectly centered in the chassis and approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top (or bottom - you can spin the front 180') and can be used either as a mounting hole or as LED pilot hole



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