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Pass VFET Power Amp Supplemental Kit

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So, you're gonna make Nelson Pass' new power amp with the Unobtainium VFET output transistors from the last of his private stash? Smart move! They have all the earmarks of a real collector's item, and are only sold as kits, so no one can just go buy one from a store. The first few built have generated glowing listening reports, and once these are sold out that's it! 
While this model is somewhat more complicated than many of his amps, "Papa Pass" has helped builders by including test points on the circuit board, and writing detailed instructions. To get the VFETS and PCB and hardware, brackets, insulators and grease to install them you need the Essentials Kit.  
But to make the build a lot easier, we've also made up this Supplemental Kit that comes with all the remaining electronic components for both the  circuit boards, so you don't have to tediously order all these components,  and you know that they are all of top quality! We're talking Vishay/Dale metal film resistors, Silmic ll capacitors, IRF and Fairchild MOSFETs, Aavid heatsinks, blue LEDs, Fairchild Diodes, TI voltage regulators and more! Topped off by a hand matched pair of Linear Integrated Systems JFETS for each channel!
This kit costs almost exactly what ordering the parts separately would, but there's the added advantage of some of the cost going to support diyAudio, and you not having to order all those parts...

What's included in this kit:

  • 72x Vishay-Dale 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • 16x Elna Silmic 2 Capacitors
  • 8x Bourns Trimmer Potentiometers
  • 8x Texas Instruments TL431ACLPR Voltage Ref.
  • 4x Fairchild 1N4004 Diodes
  • 4x Aavid PCB Heatsinks
  • 4x Heatsink Hardware
  • 4x Heatsink Mica Insulators
  • 4x Cree Blue LEDs
  • 2x Lumix Panel LED holders
  • 2x Linear Integrated Systems LSJ 74B JFETs
  • 2x Linear Integrated Systems LSK170B JFETs
  • 2x Above JFETS hand matched
  • 2x Zetex ZTX450 transistors
  • 2x Zetex ZTX550 transistors
  • 2x Vishay IRFP240 MOSFETs
  • 2x Vishay IRFP9240 MOSFETs
  • 2x Fairchild FQP3N30 MOSFETs
  • 2x Fairchild FQP3P20 MOSFETs

Other stuff you will need

You will still require a chassis, chassis components such as speaker terminals, and a power supply board with parts and a transformer. Many of these items are available at the diyAudio Store or some you can make yourself. Here are some links:
This Deluxe chassis has all Mounting holes already drilled and tapped, a thick front panel, inner base plate, back panel punched for all the chassis parts in the Back Panel Parts Kit, other goodies, and is reduced in price if you order at the same time as the Essentials Kit and enter the code provide on the order form.
Back Panel Parts Kit: As mentioned above, probably all the chassis connectors and standoffs, mounting bolts, etc. you need, a Power Entry Module with a fuse, cord socket and power switch incorporated. All excellent quality.
A very nice modular and versatile Power Supply PCB for the power you'll need. 
You can do it!

* For non-contiguous US states please contact us directly for a quotation.