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Chassis pricing adjustments

We've kept the same prices on our chassis for many years, in most cases unchanged since 2015.

Right now we're harmonizing our prices so we can remain profitable and continue to furnish the DIY community with the same quality products and services you have enjoyed from us in the past.

While we had previously absorbed the costs of various recent product improvements (such as more robust chassis rails and fixings), a number of factors are at play that now require us to recalculate our prices:

  • EUR strengthening against the USD
  • Increased raw material costs
  • COVID increasing transportation costs (both sea and air by multiples)

These cost increases have created an environment where we were selling many items for a net loss. That's not a situation that can continue if we're to continue to be able to serve you.

Moving forward, our pricing will be recalculated more frequently and will adjust dynamically to give you the best price possible price given the current exchange rates, materials and transportation costs.

Thank you for your support over the last 10 years. We are currently re-evaluating our entire software and logistics platforms so that we can offer you higher quality, more affordable, and faster products, services and shipping through the next 10.

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