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International Shipping

International Carriers

Best For
Speed Price Customs & Duties Responsibility
DHL eCommerce
Slow $ Receiver 80 days
DHL Express
Speed & Reliability
Fast $$$ Receiver 10 days

Shipping methods will vary based on your country and the contents value of your order.

Duties and Taxes

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to pay any importation duties, taxes and associated fees levied on their international shipment.

If there are fees to pay, you will be contacted by the carrier or your local customs authority to make payment. Please do not delay returning that contact and making payment. 

When placing your order be aware that the contact information you use for your order is what the authorities will use to reach you. Please be sure that both the email address and the phone number you provided will be working and checked regularly. We cannot be held responsible for any losses due to to inadequate contact information being provided.

If you do not fulfil your obligation to return contact and make payment, your package may be returned or destroyed by the authorities. Return shipping costs will be deducted from your refund and are not covered by our shipping protection.

Shipping Restrictions

  1. We don't ship to PO Boxes or places where you're temporarily staying as a guest.
  2. We don't accept orders from anonymous email services