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Coronavirus update

DOMESTIC USA: No issues reported.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FROM THE USA: Some orders shipping with DHL are experiencing long delays

We're starting to hear reports of discount services (DHL Parcel Standard and DHL Paket) getting stuck crossing the ocean. This matches up anecdotally with news we've heard all around the world, especially with DHL, that long delays are becoming normal.

These discount international services typically use baggage hold space on passenger flights, as it becomes available, to offer their great rates. As there are now fewer passenger flights, and they are also competing with PPE shipments, parcels are getting queued at the borders waiting for a flight.

Pre-COVID19, for these services, we requested customers wait 40 days from the date of last tracking before contacting us. 99.9% of orders would move on in that time. We may have to extend that 40 days to a long number of days to cater with the reality that all around the world, parcels using discounted shipping services like DHL are piling up at the borders delayed by the lack of flights.

We have updated our shipping time estimator in the checkout to reflect this reality, with DHL Paket and DHL Parcel Standard now having 30 days added to their maximum estimated shipping time and a warning message.

So far, USPS Priority seems to be doing ok. DHL Direct also seems to be doing ok.



Everything is back to normal and orders are shipping on time. We have not heard of shipping times being affected with the FedEx service that ships from Italy.


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