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Coronavirus Update & Impact on Shipping

LATEST STATUS UPDATE 2020-03-31: Our hearts go out to all those affected by the pandemic worldwide. The situation is changing daily but so far we have been lucky enough that there has been no disruption to our US origin shipments, and only minor disruption to our shipments from Italy. 

SHIPPING FROM THE US: The company who operates our Massachusetts, USA warehouse and shipping has been deemed an essential service and is currently fully operational. Shipping is currently unaffected. Some small delays should be expected, but so far smooth sailing.

SHIPPING FROM ITALY: Hifi2000 who produce and ship our chassis have been given approval to operate a skeleton crew of staff and are shipping orders twice a week. Please expect a delay of 4-7 days on all orders that are shipped from Italy.

Re-anodizing of panels after working them is currently not possible. Re-anodizing is now available again.

Additionally it should be noted that while passenger flights are not operating on some international routes, we are not aware of any country pairs where cargo/logistics has not been considered essential and is still free flowing.

As you know the situation globally can change day by day and country by country. We will keep this post updated with the latest news at all times.

Stay safe.

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