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COVID19 & US protests impact update

Further to our last update, the situation is slowly improving. We have done in depth analysis of all our shipments from the past few months.

In March/April we saw some shipments disappear for up to 2 months, in particular to Denmark and Australia. This was in the peak of COVID madness. 80% of those shipments have now shown up and are progressing delivery, and were possibly delayed due to air-to-sea diversions or country specific issues.

During May/June things have got more consistent. We assume the shipping companies have worked out how to deal with the new situation better, and have new shipments moving reasonably well, and are trying to chip away at the backlog from March/April. While we are still absolutely seeing delays, they are tending to be less extreme (more in the "couple weeks" range rather than "couple of months"). Most shipments are being delivered during the expected delivery time or slightly longer. A small percentage (around 10%) are experiencing longer delays.

We are revising our shipping time delays:

International Shipments

  • DHL Paket 85% on time*. Expect 0-15 days delay.
  • DHL Parcel 75% on time*. Expect 0-21 days delay.
  • DHL Direct 95% on time*. Expect 0-7 days delay.
  • DHL Express 100% on time*. Expect no delays.
  • FedEx International 90% on time*. Expect 0-7 days delay.
  • USPS International 90% on time*. Expect 0-7 days delay.

Domestic US

  • USPS Priority 99% on time*. Expect 0-2 days delay.
  • UPS Ground 95% on time*. Expect 0-2 days delay.

* Percentage of shipments which were delivered early, delivered within the advertised shipping times (plus one week for international), or are currently in transit and not overdue  

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