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New warehouse, new shipping options!

It took hundreds of man-hours, but we know it's going to make you happy. Our new warehouse means we are finally going to be able to offer you a wide range of cutting edge shipping services, tailored to your needs, at affordable prices.

Today we're launching with USPS Priority and Express for Domestic US and International shipments, as well as two new DHL services for International. We will be adding more carriers as time goes on, possibly as soon as next week. We will be steadily working towards a full DDP service for International customers, later in the year or early 2019.

International customers in particular are going to see some substantial improvements. Compared to our previous low-cost international shipping option (USPS First Class International), our new DHL International Parcel Standard service is faster, tracked end to end, insured, and a fraction of the price.

A limited number of countries will now additionally also have access DHL International Parcel Direct which is faster than Standard and delivered end-to-end by DHL. however EU countries will only get access to that once we are able to offer a DDP service (Delivered Duty Paid).

As our new systems have been coded by hand from scratch, and while we have done considerable testing, you might uncover the odd bug. Please let us know if you encounter any strange behaviour or unexpected results with an email to

As of this moment, stock levels reflect our old warehouse. They will be updated in the next 12-24 hours and most of the out of stock items will come into stock again (not the ACA :).

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