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Back panel parts kit plus PCB / Transistor / Diode mounting parts kit for the Deluxe Chassis

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A premium back panel parts kit, plus PCB / Transistor / Diode mounting parts kit for the deluxe chassis.  

  • Schurter 4304.6090 IEC Power Entry Module with 2 fuse holders
  • 2 pairs of premium gold plated, heavy duty binding posts (A total of 4 binding posts, two red, two black)
  • Two gold plated RCA inputs
  • Mounting nuts, bolts and lock washers for the Power Entry Module
  • 20 M3 brass standoffs for mounting your PCBs to the chassis heatsinks
  • 20 M3 hex socket head bolts for securing your your PCBs to the standoffs
  • 24 M3 hex socket head MOSFET / Diode mounting bolts
  • 24 fender washers for MOSFET / Diode mounting

Please note that your application will determine your specific voltage and amperage requirements so you will need to source your own fuses.  Back panel not included.

Note on soldering the binding posts

Since the binding posts are quite thick, they will retain heat and might prove a little challenging if you aren't prepared. However with a good soldering iron and the right technique you can remain in charge :)


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Great store - fast shipping!

Great store - fast shipping!

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