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Riser Panels

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Riser panels transform the flat two dimensional space within a chassis into a 3D playground, allowing for a much higher density of components and unlimited configuration possibilities:

  • Install circuit boards vertically
  • Secure risers to both the front panel and base for extra strength
  • Create entire platforms (for example over the top of a transformer) using standoffs or long bolts
  • Attach risers to the front panel to allow unlimited front panel board mounting possibilities, as well as through panel components such as dials and pots
  • All on a simple 10mmx10mm grid of holes that allows for anything to be spun around any dimension


  • Please refer to the 4U Deluxe Internal Dimension Diagram and the 5U Deluxe Internal Dimension Diagram
  • The heatsinks and therefore maximum internal height are 165mm high in the 4U chassis and 210mm in the 5U chassis
  • When you use the perforated base (with the flanges facing down) the maximum internal height in the 4U is 155mm and the maximum internal height in the 5U is 200mm as the base and bracket together consume 10mm
  • The depth of the 4U is 300mm and the depth of the 5U is 400mm

Examples of things you could do with the risers:

Customer Reviews

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Hal W.
3U Riser Panels

Panel are well constructed and as advertised.

Riser Panels

The Risers are a great space saving product, simplifying the layout and assembly.

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