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Matched JFETs

Matched JFETs

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A range of matched JFET offerings suitable for do-it-yourself audio projects. Learn more about the matching requirements or Idss choice for your project.

Current Offerings

  • N Channel Quad (NNNN)
    • Linear Systems LSK170 Quad Idss 6-8mA - $30
    • Linear Systems LSK170 Quad Idss 8-11mA - $35
  • P Channel Quad (PPPP)
    • Toshiba 2SJ74 Quad Idss 6-8mA - $45
    • Toshiba 2SJ74 Quad Idss 8-11mA - $50
  • NP Quad (NNPP)
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Quad Idss 6-8mA - $40
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Quad Idss 8-11mA - $45
  • NP Octet (NNNNPPPP)
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Octet Idss 6-8mA - $90
    • Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Octet Idss 8-11mA - $100


  • All parts are guaranteed to be new and authentic (Linear Systems are new, Toshiba are new-old-stock)
  • Matched to ±0.1mA, guaranteed ±0.2mA. Tested at 10V / 22'C and sorted into 0.1mA bins. For more information visit the JFET matching information page.
  • All JFETs are grade B/BL (which specifies 6-12mA), but you can now choose from an Idss sub-range. Learn more about how to choose the right Idss for your project
  • Manufacturer specifications: LSK170 | LSJ74 | 2SK170 | 2SJ74
  • Note that any letters or numbers printed on Linear Systems JFETs do not refer to  grade, they are batch identification. All grades have identical physical housing. You cannot tell the grade by looking at the JFET itself. The only way to know the grade is by testing for Idss. 

Quantity Limits

  • N Quads: Limit of 8 units per customer per month 
  • P Quads/NP Quads: Limit of 2 units per customer per month 
  • NP Octets: Limit of 1 units per customer per month

These JFETs are provided as a service to the do-it-yourself audio hobbyist community and it's important that we can always keep these parts in stock for small orders from hobbyists. Please only buy what you need. 

If you need more than the above quantity for a particular build, please email

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    All on perf board

    Many thanks to Elena and diyaudio for sorting out customs issue. Excellent service.
    Where would I be without these jfets?
    Currently underway with BA1/2 pre with 610/9610 headphone buffer nailed on, 27V rails, 2.4R degeneration, 450/550 regulation from Waynes Pearl 1 circuit. Balanced xlr input only from my balanced DAC, 4 gang tkd pot. Nearly done, just got to connect boards, psu, pot etc. I can alter source resistors, load resistance and may try extending feedback loop to buffer output.
    Also F5 in a galaxy box (!), 500VA, 4 x 47000 caps, 37V rails, cascoded jfets, 240/9140 mosfets just to be different, soft start, yet to fit heatsinks and audio boards, should probably renew my eyebrow insurance before I switch this one on.
    Pearl 1 MC phono stage using three LSK170 quads.
    BA3 pre, mje 15034/5 cascoded jfets, 35v rails, 510/9510 mosfets, biassed to over 300mA, multiple source and load resistors for adjustment, TL431 psu regulation for easy adjustment of supply voltages.
    But can you tell which one is which?

    Ünay Ö.
    NP Octet

    Ordered Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Octet Idss 8-11mA. The ordering and shippimg process were been absolutely perfect, many thanx to Elena from diyAudio Store Customer Support team. All devices are about Idss 9 mA, and perfect matched. JFets are not been assemblet yet but this will happen very soon and I´m sure that they will work perfectly.

    Radovan V.
    F5 project

    Top parts, top service. Thanks Diy store for makes things simple and not high cost. Build this in my F5 and works perfect.

    Nizam K.
    JFETs. Toshiba and LSK

    I received the JFETs together with F5 turbo pcb and F6 pcb. The packing is great and the delivery is fast. I never expect to be able to buy these JFETs. Thanks.

    Genuine Toshiba J-Fets

    Where else are you going to get genuine 2SK170/2SJ74s? Don’t bother with anything from eBay or China, they 99% all fakes unless you know what you are looking for.

    Bjørn J.
    Matched Jfets

    The fact that it's even possible to get hold of these is simply amazing! Thank you, everyone at diyAudio!

    Ian M.
    NP Octet

    Ordered Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Octet Idss 6-8mA and was very pleased to receive just that. I thought the genuine Toshiba parts had long gone! I haven't used these yet - still waiting for other parts - but I did measure Idss and found them all close to 8ma. Very impressed.

    Scott L.
    Matched JFETs

    I have used these a few times as stand ins for the Toshiba's with success. The purchase of these matched from DIY audio really simplifies the process and saves time and money.

    Well done DIY audio.

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