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Linear Audio Silent Switcher V3

  • 6900

Your projects need a low voltage power supply. Very low noise. No hum, no mains pops. Efficient and portable.

Enter the SilentSwitcher by Linear Audio:

  • Very small (2.2x1.3in; 56x32mm)
  • New V3 version has pads for resistors to customize the output voltage, see the information at
  • Primary output: Your choice of ±15V, ±12V, ±8V or ±5V at 150ma. Jan has posted some notes detailing how ±18V (at 100ma) and ±24V (at 50ma) are also possible if you add your own resistors. 
  • Secondary output: Your choice of 6.5V or 5V or 3.3V at a minimum 0.5A
  • Efficient, cool running
  • Runs from a USB charger or from a powerbank for total mains separation

There's no longer an excuse for a noisy or humming preamp or DAC or active crossover! You can read more about the product here:

For technical support, please post your questions in the silent switcher technical support discussion thread.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James S.
Perfect power module

Great power supply. It is very quiet, perfect for that op-amp based MM/MC pre-amp. The 5v easily powers the user interface processor, display and switching relays.

Fabien D.
excellent quality

I used it to power a 24v JFET preamp (had to do some slight modifications which are explained on the website to achieve the 24v but it was really easy) It's absolutely dead silent. I would Highly recommend it.

Kjartan B.
Silent switcher

It is ideed a SILENT switcher :)

Robert C.

Outstanding performance, and a very convenient turn-key power supply. Jan does superb work.

Silent Switcher

Took a veeeeery long time to ship. Despite the board being made in Europe (and the UK was in the EU at that time), it was shipped from the USA which meant import taxes and VAT on top, plus a handling/service charge which effectively almost doubled the price of the board.

Although the board worked very well after it arrived, if was very expensive for a simple power supply.


SilentSwitcher works perfectly

SilentSwitcher works perfectly.
I use it to power DAC, battery and SilentSwitcher sound better than low noise linear power.

Kerry M.
A good option when you need something very small to power sensitive audio circuitry

The first use of this is for powering an ssm2019 IC in a small "guitar pedal" type enclosure which requires plus and minus voltage supplies. It works very well and provides an alternate choice to power audio circuits. The second one will be to provide clean, regulated, low noise power for a simple jfet circuit - again in a very small enclosure. The installed headers are nice but it would have been even better if wire pigtails with the appropriate connectors were supplied with the module. One nice thing that this silent switcher allows is to use one of the various 5 volt rechargeable battery packs that are sold for cell phone battery backup/charging to power the silent switcher. It gives you some nice, but non-typical options for powering audio circuits

S J.
A good power supply DC output device

Works nicely as described with good degree of flexibility on output voltage and amperage capacities. Ended up using this fed by a 5V SMPS iFi, iPower supply to power a mac mini audio server SSD (bypassed the 5v sata ribbon cable feeds). Seems best for optimizing SMPS supplies and at least in my applications didn't match results up to that of the Mojo Illuminatti v2 which is considerably more expensive of course. So it's great for powering something on a separate line or supply providing greater noise isolation between components without breaking the bank. It definitely provides performance that's better than a generic 5V wall wart SMPS and improved the system sound post-iPower as well. Highly recommended device for the right application/situation.

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