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H2 Harmonic Generator

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This is Nelson's DIY H2 Harmonic Generator, Version 2.

This kit consists of one PCB and two selected J113 JFETs, good for stereo operation. 

You can read about the project here:

After reading these articles, you might like to continue on and discuss this project in the H2 thread at diyAudio or the H2 Version 2 build thread.


Customer Reviews

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Mark P.

Simple device that works great. It was a quick and fun to assemble. It really enhances the overall sound quality.


I ended up building three of the kits, one as a stereo version, using RCA's with unity gain, so it could be used inline from a preamp to an amplifier. The other two kits, I built a Balanced version, one kit for each channel, once again with unity gain so it could be used inline from my Balance BA2018 preamp to my ALEPH J amplifier. All of these projects were built using parts and enclosures from the DIY audiostore.

H2 Harmonic Generator - comments

Hello it works well, improves the sound stage, the presence and placement of the instruments. I recommend it to try.

Rudolf S.
H 2 generator

Very useful item, great fun.

H2 Harmonic generator

Really softens thing up thanks. Wouldn't be without one.

- H.-.
Nice project with an interesting sound.

I was looking to experiment and saw these boards and decided to build a couple of them.
They are very easy to build and provide an interesting sound (fuller sound).

I wound up building them for unity gain so I could put them in line with my
existing system, but they would make a nice building block for a simple preamp.