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40mm Heatsink Information

Technical Information on the Heatsinks

  • Thermal power calculations for Hifi2000 40mm Heatsinks (PDF)
  • 100% Aluminum
  • All heatsink fins are "wave" profile for maximum surface area
  • Heatsinks are anodized black. Black provides the highest emissivity (ability to emit energy by radiation).
  • The 4U Deluxe (300mm Deep) contains two heatsinks and each is rated at 0.31 C/W
  • The 5U Deluxe (400mm Deep) contains four heatsinks and each is rated at 0.28 C/W
  • When you put your chassis together, all external (visible) surfaces will be blemish free.  Great care is taken in the factory to ensure that external surfaces are not marked, and shrink wrapped in anti-scratch plastic wrap to preserve.
  • The interior (non visible) surface of heatsinks will have exactly one thin mark in the corner where the anodisation isn't present. This isn't a scratch - just a normal artefact of the anodization process that any anodized product has due to the way anodized products must hang in anodization fluid.
  • Deluxe Chassis heatsinks are tapped with M3 thread to a minimum depth of 5mm
  • The "base" is a minimum thickness of 8mm
  • The fin pitch is 6mm (distance between each fin, "tip to tip")


Dissipation Ratings

Dimensions  C/W
200 x 40 x 80 0.67
200 x 40 x 120 0.5
200 x 40 x 165 0.38
200 x 40 x 210 0.28
250 x 40 x 210 0.19
300 x 40 x 80 0.45
300 x 40 x 120 0.40
300 x 40 x 165 0.31
300 x 40 x 210 0.18