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Donations to two great charities

We're currently collecting donations for two great charities, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

How to make a donation

Option A) Buy something and leave a donation "tip" at checkout

Add some products to your cart. You'll be asked if you'd like to make a donation during the checkout process.

Option B) Use our "donation drive" links to make a tax deductible donation:

Where will the money go?

We'll donate 100% of received funds via the "donation tip" system as well as any profits from the sale of the VFET offering. The donations will be split 50/50 between the two charities.

Once the DIY Sony VFET batches are complete we'll publish a financial statement from our CPA along with any dedications.

2021-04-22 UPDATE: So far $1,331.64 has been received from the "donation tip" system and has already been paid in full to the charities (split 50/50 between them). Thank you to those who donated!

If you'd rather contribute in a non-financial way

Consider calling a friend who's having a hard time with life and let them know you're thinking about them. 

Tax deductibility

We're not a registered charity. If you want to claim a tax deduction you'll need to donate directly to the registered charities themselves: