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Lx mini crossover

The crossover is built. No problem at all. Sound seems perfect with more informations than DSP. More spacial sound. Trebble are smoother and detailed.

Amp Camp Amp
Give way tube amp

It was 6 years since I built my tube amp 8Wpc driving a pair of Klipsch Heresy IIIs. Then the DIY bug bit me a few months ago and started searching for my next kit. ACA was in my radar but was leaning towards something more powerful like F5. The total cost for F5 was too much since I have to import every nut and bolt, especially the pricing of the chassis for F5 was too much.

Ended up getting a pair of ACA to run in bridged mono and not at all disappointed. I took time to assemble them. My daughter who is a medical student helped me too and steadied her hands with soldering for the first time in her life.

The whole story is here

After powering up, my daughter who has astute ears to music said "Wow!!! what clarity these have". Truly, I seem to hear more with these amps. Very low noise floor. With a pair of 12 inch high efficiency full rangers simply on a 900mm folded open baffle, the sound is "baffling". Bass is limited by the open baffle design but vocals, mids and highs seem to be very clear for us.

I used thicker wires for the DC +ve and speaker outs. Salvaged from old speaker 16AWG I think.

For the LEDs I used a pair stripped from a ribbon cable.

DC IN and LEDs have Phoenix type screw terminals fitted for easier disassembly if needed.

For the common ground used a bit of silver plated 14AWG speaker wire stripped.

For back panel wiring followed my procedure to fix and wire the speaker terminals and DC that are at the bottom and then the upper RCAs, XLR, and finally switch.

For the wiring at the switch I used single length of wire stripped where required to connect the switch and finally the XLR.

All wires routed through the sides.

Fitted Blue LEDs to L channel and REDs to the R Channel to differentiate.

You are a star!

Beautiful little kit. The sound of the B1 Korg is more detailed.

Amp Camp Amp
greg h.
Amp Camp Pre Amp Mono Block System

I have been an audiophile for quite a while, I must admit I have NEVER heard anything like this combo (AMP Camp Amps/Pre AMP)..the linearity and separation is that of a LIVE performance. To say it was incredible does not do it justice...I am listening to some I write this and it is INCREDIBLE....feels like a live performance. I have these fine amps paired with Definitive Technology Towers (92db)...Audio Nirvana......

Amp Camp Amp
Ranganathan D.
Cant stop smiling..

I have no formal knowledge of electronics but about 50 years ago, I used to build "crystal" radios (coil, diode and capacitor) and eventually built a stereo amplifier and speakers using parts from the flea market. Now retired, I came across a review of the Amplifier on Steve Gutenbergs YouTube channel and was excited to rekindle my interest. With my motor skills not what they were, I took it slow over about 4 days. The kit is outstanding. Kudos to Nelson Pass, 6L6, other contributors and the store for making this possible. I found that soldering the wires to the pc boards after assembly the most challenging. So if were to do this again, I would solder the approximate length of wire into the pcbs before assembling with the transistors and heat sink - again that is just for my not so steady hands. I have set up my new Ampcamp amp with a Schiit stack (DAC, EQ and HA/preamp) and with Tiny radial speakers from Decware and am thrilled. I will surely build the ACA preamp as soon as it is available and probably another Amplifier to go mono block. In terms of what I would like to see in the form of kits, kits to build desktop systems (around the computer), ikea like speaker kits, kits for streaming, and wifi radio. Again, Thank you for a wonderful experience. Highly recommended!

Built 4 of them. All sounded great!

Fun and very easy kits to build i built 4 different revisions from basic to upgraded PSU with Clarity Caps. Definitely a difference in sound but all have sounded great. No issues with microphonics. I just use a type of sound deadening matt on the inside of the chassis and put some around the standoffs.

Super Regulator
Matthew C.
Super-reg is Superb

I completed the positive rail of the super-reg and the result is outstanding. Very happy with the purchase. I use the super-reg to power the DIY 6-24 Biamp crossover.

Super nice kit and pre amp

Super quality as always from the store. Great kit and very nice relaxed sounding with lot of laynack character. Highly recommended for those who want to try something different that traditional linestage amplification.

Great little chassis

These 3U Mini Dissipantes are a great little chassis. With an optional base plate, thoughtful heat sink tapping and careful components placement, one can even fit a First Watt clone amplifier like an F3 in one. The black face plate takes CNC laser engraving well too.

As hoped, this 33-250/300 base plate (244mm x 240mm) for a 3U Mini Dissipante is just big enough to fit a First Watt style PSU and 300VAC toroidal transformer. Perfect for my application.

A great experience and preamp

This was my second kit and from start to finish I had a great time building the preamp. The instructions were very easy to follow and the sound is superb in my system where I have paired it with an Amp Camp Amp. Thanks to Mr. Pass, DYI Audio store and the DYI audio community for helping novices getting started with their hifi audio journeys and dreams.

What a stellar HPA

After reading several reviews, I took a bit of a chance and went with Waynes linestage as the core for my "Copper Watt" HPA project. All I can say is it has greatly exceeded all of my expectations. The sound is accurate and clean with no audible noise floor even with my most revealing headphones. I did some lengthy A/B testing with an extremely clean THX 888 HPA and I cannot hear any audible difference between the two. Very impressive for a DIY unit.

Everything about the build went smoothly. All of the supplied parts are of the highest quality especially for the price. Also, the fact that this can be used in many custom applications makes it an even bigger win. Highly recommended!

Fun to build and sounds great!

Very easy to build and it sounds great! I used an enclosure I had intended for a another project and put a power supply inside. Some components were a little difficult to find, but I managed to track down everything eventually.

F5 parts Kit
Detlev W.
Perfect Parts Kit!

Used the parts kit and PCB only.

My PSU is based on two Meanwell PSUs, one for each rail, 24 V and each rated 200 Watts. This gives me -24 V, 0 V and +24 V.

My case is a Streacom DB4 PC case. It appears to be sufficient for the cooling. The outside temperature on the 4 sides is 56,7C, 39C, 54,9C, and 39,7C.

The F5 sounds great! I can highly recommend this amp!

fine products Mark C

I am very please with your product, and the service is good

Worth the extra investment.

This base plate makes the whole process of attaching the components in the case much easier plus it acts as a heat sink. The metal used is thicker then the sheet metal used for the top and bottom case covers so the plate acts to give the case more rigidity giving the completed case a nice quality fit and finish. The layout for the holes lined up with most of the boards I used with some exceptions. I had to drill a couple holes but not many. I would buy again.

Pesante 3U
Aaron B.
Nice Case

Ordered this case for my multi channel Icepower amplifier project. The case fits my needs quite nicely. It shipped from Italy with no problems to my home in California, USA. No delays, no hassles. I had the case on my doorstep within a week. The quality of the case is very good. Everything is spot on with respect to fitment. The holes are all where they where supposed to be and the whole case has a really nice black powder coating. About the only complaint I have is there are no assembly instructions included with the case so one has to figure out where all of the screws go. Not a big deal but some guidance would help make the process of assembly that much quicker. Other then that the screws that attach the top and bottom covers where to small for the drilled holes. They would start threading then bottom out and not tighten up. I just used bigger screws and everything worked out fine. I would buy again .

Mini Dissipante 3U

Chassis was packed well,shipped fast, and went together smoothly. Excellent as always

SP1 Has My Vote

I have made quite a few of the SP1 B1K units along with other designs out there that us ethe SP1 Tube. Can't tell you exactly why, but there is no doubt in my mind that B1K wins all around. I probably take it a step or two further by using the highest quality volume controls and selector switches only because the signal is a delicate thing and I don't care to troubleshoot my own work. Same goes for RCA jacks.... "Um, no Greg, that wire isn't the shortest possible length. It is Shorter than possible." And so right there, that is enough redo work for me. When finally finished, I have shaken my head more than once realizing that I have heard or made very products that sound this right. Yes, the tube Can have problems with ringing and that seems to be a case by case basis. Overall, it has been the exception, not the rule. It can be overcome with mechanical isolation of the tube. One such device is sold by Pete Millett, and works beautifully.

Easy build & Setup


Not having much experience into DIY (only repaired a tube amp by swapping old components), this was very easy to build and setup. Purchased the kit without chassis from the store, chassis from Moduloshop/Hifi2000 in Italy.
I had to slightly grind the hole of the ALPS pot for easy fitting and I have to find a solution to better fix the front LED.
It sounds very good compared to a Little Dot 2++ tube amp, more clarity and "speed". I can hear more in the music than before, so very good for me as a learning experience + interesting results for the sound. It is very subjective mind you.
Have a nice day

Elekit TU-8600s 300b tube amplifier

What a fun and rewarding project! This was the fourth amp I built in the last two years. I started with an Amp Camp Amp (ACA) and then built a second one for dual mono. Next I built a Korg Nutube preamp. I was a virgin kit builder before building all these so I was naturally very concerned about pulling the trigger on the 300b! Another great kit though... great instructions and high quality components ....and the sound is incredible! Loved the whole experience and I am thrilled with the end result!

Algirdas R.
Excellent Product

I am very happy withe the result.

4U Deluxe for a F6 Amp

Arrived timely. Easy to assemble but a few instructions would help. Had to drill holes to mount the provided feet. Heavy and nice quality materials. I thought there would be a LED hole but you have to drill it out which I probably will not do for concern to damage the face. Lots of mounting options. Overall very satisfied.

Amp Camp Amp (Old listing - do not use)
Nick B.
Great product

Always wanted to try a Nelson Pass creation. I enjoy building anything, especially anything audio related. I felt like I had to different aground for the correct guide as somehow I managed to construct things backwards. Once I figured the correct assembly, construction started to flow nicely. I configured this as a stereo 8 watt amp to power a pair of Klipsch Heresys in my office. I must say this the best that my Heresys have ever sounded. Only mistake I made was testing the LEDs which caused me to short one blue and one red, therefore ended up with one red and one blue LED. It's been 2-3 weeks I've been running it daily for about 8 hours without any issues. Though help was rarely needed, the forum was a great help resource. This is probably my third audio component that I have built from a kit and can say that I feel that anyone could construct this within a day.

Fun to build and great sounding kit

Thanks Mr pass for sharing this great kit with the world.
I build it in about a day and it was a lot of fun. The standard kit sounds great. Well balanced.
I startend replacing resistors with vishay dale, caps with nichicon fg and the coupling and output capacitors with elna silmic II. Each upgrade made the sound bigger and more clear. I did try out various caps prior to comming to this "endstate" basicly im in sonic heaven. Its that good. Well hete you have it, my Franken build, Well recommended