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Everything at hands!

Very good quality, helps a lot for quick building!


Superb boards, works perfect with your Chassis!

The DIY A/B Amp

Quality of boards is very good, wondering that there are two different schematic drawings of it...


Well, I'm very impressed. This little kit was a lot of fun to build with my 6yr old son. That little amp sounds absolutely wonderful. This is for him to enjoy for many years. We'll be building some full range enclosures next. My son is very proud of his amp:) I just wish this existed a few years ago. I would have made a couple for me!

Amazing kit!

I received my 2 kits in a perfect packing... impressed!
Thanks DIYAudiostore

Excellent Kit!

First time builder and was very impressed by the components and precise instructions given at website which guides step by step process. Ultimately finishing the units gave excellent sonics with it's ample power output. Now wishing for DiyAudio to bring back the DCB1 mesmerize kit!!

Great Quality

Great service, fast delivery to europe . I have not yet build the F6, but i am looking forward to it. The boards are high quality.

Fast shipping and top packaging

The heatsinks was shipped to med very promptly after making the order. The shipping costs were low, as they were shipped from Italy to me in Norway, - within Europe. The arrived and I was impressed by the thorough packaging. The sinks themselves had some marks in their finish, on the inside face of them, mostly from a bit less than perfect anodizing-job. On the outside/fins (the most important part), they are perfectly black and no marks in the finish. Very nice to have pre-drilled/tapped sinks for my f4 project :) … Even buying from China (e-bay) and drilling/tapping my-selv, would have been more expensive. Great product!

Amp Champ

I built this little gem for an office system, put it in my main system to see how it sounded, and it has stayed there for two months now. The Naim power amp it replaced is now in the office system! And I've ordered just ordered another one.

Amp Camp Amp

Flat out marvelous

This is the gateway drug for the wannabe DIYer. Kit for just of three bills with everything included and precise (for the most part) step by step instructions. Very helpful side notes (such as what solder to use - I wouldn't have thought of that) also.

Amp is very good looking and runs very warm but not hot (don't leave candles on it). It's 8 watts is a lot more than you expect; I can play my Spendors much louder than i can handle - you just need a strong signal coming in as the gain is low at 10db.

Again, a gateway drug as I am now in the process of getting things together for the F5 kit and am waiting for the amp parts kit to get back in stock, and am very much hoping for a PSU parts kit also!

Everything I Hoped and More

After a 50+ year hiatus from building electronic kits I bought AMP CAMP for two reasons: 1) to get some practice while getting back into the DIY hobby and 2) to have a high quality Class A amp. The AMP CAMP is almost too well thought out and easy to build. And it sounds better than expected. I mean really good. Thanks to designer Nelson Pass and the good folks at DIY for making such a great amp possible for DIYers.

Universal psu board

Fantastic board and excellent build guide.

ACA 1.6 Wonderful Sounding Amp

The ACA 1.6 (complete kit) was built as two mono-block amps.
So, the build took some time and patience to complete.
I also changed/substituted a few capacitors to Nichicon Audio grade.
Within its power envelope, the sound is wonderfully audiophile, musical, dynamic, and enjoyable.

I am unaware of anything near this price range that will produce this type of enjoyable quality sound.

I have a decent home audio system. This ACA is presently being used in my secondary system. And honestly, I am enjoying this setup immensely. No, it does not equal my 15K home system but it is so enjoyable musically, that I find my self turning it on quite often.

Much thanks must be given to Mr Pass for allowing his design to be shared among DIY Audiophiles

Also, much thanks to DIY Audio Store for making these kits available to all.


Simply excellent!

Amp Camp Amp

Fast delivery, items as described, great building instructions.

I received my two ACA kits on schedule in Australia and without having to pay extra import tax. I have not finished building both ACA's yet, but nothing was missing and all parts fit well to the PCB's and the cases. The instructions are some of the best I have ever seen, thanks to the colour-coded resistors and the excellent build guide with photos by 6L6! They are almost fool-proof. The cases fit well together, but one back plate had a dent, which has been replaced quickly and free of charge. All in all a great experience! I had the back plates laser engraved by DIY Audio member JeffreyD (cheers mate!); looking professional (see photo).


Everything is great, just one thing that disrupts the general super feeling.
Shipping fee. I think it's too big for that weight and size. Kit:120 $,
postage: $ 60 (for Europe). But it does not matter, everything in the package is class I.

Thanks for your feedback. We've now moved to a new warehouse and shipping is 75% cheaper than what we could previously offer. Enjoy!
ACA 1.6

Easy to build,great sounding.Terrific having all you need in one Package.


Fast efficient delivery of product. Case are good value but one should really order the bottom backplane as the top and bottom lids do not have support in the middle. Depending on the weight of installed internals the bottom may not be as sturdy as you'd like.

The cases look great and the 10mm front panel is very nice. Finish is excellent.

The Little Amp That Could

Easy to build with everything the user needs, minus the solder, soldering iron, and tools to assemble the chassis. The end result - in my case - were two amps used in bridged mode to drive my 86dB efficient speakers. Very impressive, especially for solid-state, with a sweet top-end and a clear sound. I liked the Pass Labs sound so much I went on to build an Aleph J amplifier; but the ACAs, run as bridged monos, were a close second.

This tiny amp has great sound quality

I purchased two set for my altec A-7 units enclosed in 606 cabinet and Yuki’s short wood horn.
As soon as I assembled one set,sudden long biz trip scheduled. I decided to get the two amps and my compact celestion SL6si along with my trip.
Now I am fully enjoying the music they produce every night. It relieves my homesick much.
The sound is similar to the sound of carnegie hall I am regularly visiting now.
elegant high and firm fluent low with vivid mid. very pliant and seamless sound.
I strongly recommend to get this amp with you when go to a long biz trip. It is free volt. No need for voltage adapter.
Celestion SL6si has very poor efficiency as you know. But this tiny 8w amp can handle it greatly. I use each set as a monoblock for more power though. One amp is ok if you are not the person hungry for the sound pressure.
Assembling is very simple. but need times to complete. and you need extra wire. The included wires are not enough.


By far the best-documented and presented kit I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

The whole buying process was acceptionally straight forward & trouble-free.

All I need is a rainy day (no gardening or fishing) and I’ll put it together.

Similar treatment for a line-stage unit would be a great adjunct, for this audio novice.

S. R. C.

modified version - very nice DIY

This little one got a very very nice sound and play great in my livingroom.
I changed some details like an in-build powersource by meanwell (I raised the hole chassis 4 cm so there is room for it.) Instead of the on/ off switch on the front i implemented a volume knob with a stepped attenuator (its missing on the pics). I printed a little piece with the 3D printer to hold it in place, but a piece of metal would to the trick.
Overall a fun experience - works great also for beginners! Great help in the forum btw – nice people!

Awesome build for first timer

The parts and packaging are top notch. The thread,thread photos, and “6L6” was a tremendous help with the different wiring configurations from the previous amp camp version. I practiced soldering a bit and took my time. It sounds fantastic as well.