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So much fun!

I had a blast and learned SO much building these ACA amps. I had never built an amp before and had very limited soldering experience as well, so this was a perfect first project to tackle. The instructions/photos are top notch and super helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone, just take your time and you'll knock it out in no time. The best part however... these amps sound amazing!! The warmth of these class A amps is sooooo nice! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

V1.8 Great Sound and Fun to Build!

Thoroughly enjoyed the build process, which as a novice, took me about 1 day for each amp. Chassis is well made, and the amps sound terrific! Been using daily, and I’m hooked on DIY! Great kits!!

GREAT amp!

Super easy to build, and just delicious juicy sound.

Love it!

Worth the effort

As the DIY store was absent of the “completion parts kit” I consulted NP’s list and sourced most of the needed components directly from Digikey. Chassis is bamboo w/plexi top, volume knob is a vintage CPU heat sink. No ringing whatsoever (have not damped the ‘tube in any way), and best of all it sounds great. Thanks to 6L6 for the well done assembly guideline.

Great experience

I wasn't sure I could do it, I know nothing about electronics, never solder anything before, but I succeeded and the amp sounds very well.

Very pleased with the amp.

This is my 3rd Elekit build and the quality of this kit like the others is excellent. Everything went together very smoothly including the upgrades to the volume pot and transformers. Instructions are very clear. On initial power up I did experience some problems with low audio and static/crackling and only mention this because it was 100% tube related, I managed to buy 2 bad 300B tubes (not from DiyAudio). After isolating the issue and replacing the tubes the amp is performing flawlessly. I highly recommend this outstanding kit.

Excellent quality

Great boards. I made a mistake in the assembly. Removal and rework of the part caused absolutly no damage to the board. Many cheap boards would not have fared so well.

Liked the build so much, I got a second

I have some experience with soldering and building things but never an electronics product. The ampcamp amp sounded so good, I put in my main system and got a second for the dual mono lock operation. The online instructions were good but would have preferred one link with the 1.8 version from start to finish rather than switching from 1.6 to 1.8 versions. The materials are excellent quality and the final product is good looking!

Awesome little Preamplifier

I enjoyed building this pre amp, it was not difficult especially with the instructions available at diy forum..... great job guys!
I made the top cover with my cnc laser in acrylic and painted the underside, I left a window to see the Nutube, I then laser etched the writing in mirror image on the bottom so it looks nice at night with the letters glowing with the Nutube lite....
And it sounds really nice, I liked it so much I built another one but this time with a different case and remote control volume and input selector with 3 inputs....


Thank you for sending, the preamp works very well, I'm still working on the power supply, I have a modified salas + 18-18V. Sounds better than DCB1. Powered by F5.

Great little chassis

I built a Raspberry Pi-based streaming player into this chassis. It includes a 3.5" touch display and rotary encoder on the front panel, as well as a Khadas Tone 1 DAC and a 5 volt linear supply. I asked for front panel CNC customization - I sent Modushop a drawing and they turned it around really fast - in a couple of days. Great work as always!

More Pandemic Fun

I never really built anything before. Started off with a pair of Amp Camp amps in January. That went so well, I decided to build the Whammy headphone amp. Biggest challenge for me was to order all of the parts because the kit was sold out and I just didn't want to wait. It actually turned out to be fun and easy to track everything down
Listening to the Whammy right now. It sounds great. Dead quiet. I used a socket for the op amp so I could try different op amps out. This is really a little too geeky at the end of the day as it is hard to compare. They all sound bad when you first plug them in and change drastically after an hour or so. So far I've tried the RC4580, which sounded ok. Switched out to the OPA2134PA, which after some burn in time seems to be a little less bright. Nothing drastic. Anyway, a great project. Highly recommended.

Burson for Minimax DAC

My Eastern Electric Minimax DAC already had the Burson's V4 single opamps (see photo). I now replaced the dual opamps by the Burson Vivid V6. It make a difference, no huge but in details. You need some hours to wait, unitil you can realy judge the opamps, but it makes worthwhile to do so. I use the dicrete opamp to listen to Pop and jazz music and the tube output for classical music.

A real high level power supply

In fact I'm using 2 of them running two amplifiers as dual monos

This SMPS does a very good job powering the AMP CAMP AMP.
I'm using the 24vd version and the power supply/amp couple plays music which sounds simply amazing.
I'm very pleased with the whole setup

The power supplies are hidden so they cannot be seen, sorry

News about My F6

My F6 is running since several month. It's a great amplifier, fine and dynamic. I used an Hiraga 30W power supply used (capacitor bank 1.2F) with double C power transformer made by Dissident Audio (DB226) .

Linear Systems Matched JFETs

The components arrived quickly.
I mounted them on an ARC PH3 clone and from the first electrical tests they seem to work very well.
As soon as I finish the tests, I will update my comments.
For now, excellent components and excellent sales service.

Sounding sweet.

Very good sounding amp. Several years ago, I built the tu-8200 and still really enjoy it. I tube roll and changed the capacitors 4 times, finally settling on a combo of tin foil and aluminum foil caps from Jupiter, and boy did it really open up the sound. I've always wondered about the "magic" of the 300B tube and I thought I would like the tu-8600. It was a little harder to build only because the PCB is much bigger and has many more components. I took my time and tried not to hurry. Well, wouldn't you know it, I got 2 resistors mixed up and ended up with an amp that put out very little sound. Victor helped me and got it straightened out , it's now up and running. I've got about 25 hours on it now and It's starting to sound more balanced. It's got a certain sweet organic sound and vocals, violins and other acoustic instruments sound especially good. For upgraded caps I chose Jupiter copper foil. It's still all breaking in, but I'm enjoying it already. Everything I've played sounds more like music and less like an electronic machine reproducing music. I'm already thinking about building the "next" Elekit. LOL.

As two mono blocks they simply sound amazing

I have enjoyed one aca as stereo but after using it as monoblock I decide to get the second one

As 2 mono blocks they sound fantastic, amazingly transparent, better bass but yet very pleasing

Surpassing the level of these couple of class A will defiantly be very costly

Amazing design so simple with such amazing results

Class a gem!

Built and using to drive my 16ohm altec Valencia's horns. Perfection!!

Easy build and great diy community!


I needed a taller chassis due to mods associated with the NuTube B1 kit board. This did the trick..the kit chassis top & bottom plate were used because there were no slots. Worked great.

An amazing kit and a great sound

The kit is quite easy to set up, and the tuning too if you go smoothly. I encountered a microphonic issue that I solved by placing a small ball of Patafix under the Nutube. I think it could be useful to isolate the PCB from the chassis because I have a very slight ringing noise when I turn the potentiometer (audible through the headphones). Finally, I placed the switches behind the front panel for aesthetic reasons. I had some worries because the input wires are not shielded, but in reality there is no residual noise. Now I will probably connect it to an F5 (to be built) for two reasons: the simplicity of the schematic and the class A operation. Many thanks for the useful guide.

F5 parts Kit

quality parts kit that made things easier .No sourcing from different suppliers, which more often than not costs more due to shipping alone .my f5 is playing beautiful music .Now i will be using diy audio store for all my first watt builds and other builds as well .thank you guys for this i highly recommend diyaudio to my friends and anyone else building these amps or kits. Wonderful store and exceptional service .

Amp Camp Amp

Really enjoyed the build. Got a little confused measuring the low ohm resisters but that had more to do with the quality of my volt meter.
Currently using a Schitt DAC to generate sound thru it and it sounds pretty nice.
In hind sight I would have mounted one of the channel amp boards the other way (top vs bottom) so the calibration would have been a little easier. Found some aligator clips which made it much easier to measure. Got them both dialed in pretty close.
Ultimately stripped one of the screws in the bottom of the case so at some point that will need to be drilled out but for now I'll just enjoy the unit. I can hardly wait for my next adventure building a pre amp to go with it. My wiring is not very pretty but the amp worked the first time I turned it on and that was a very satisfying feeling.

Great kit, lovely sound

The Korg NuTube kit was a joy to assemble. An easy build, I spread it out over two days (through ps test on day 1). Everything powered up with all test points in spec and no problem setting a stable bias on the triode. The sound is a great complement to a DAC with a low noise and high dynamic range output. It seems to soften the edges but also gives it a fuller, more detailed but still bright sound. This preamp seems to make the rolled-off nature of vinyl at the high and low end as well as the midrange coloration more obvious. I am using this with Klipsch bookshelf speakers (RP-150M) and an ACA; I may compare this preamp to a passive preamp for playback of vinyl in future.


works perfect, no microphonics