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As a pre-amp

Everything except heat paste was in the box. Excellent instructions, but two things to watch - this project is not like the amp camp amp and starving student II, which were made for anyone and everyone to build safely - you can electrocute yourself with this project. To death. Perhaps before turning it on cover the 120/240 volt ac live track parts with beads of hot glue? Someone else will have better advice. Second thing, the instructions are excellent, but I still needed to remove some resistors I had put on the board after successfully leaving them off earlier in the build - look at and compare the assembled board picture when you've finished yours, before turning it on. As a preamp for the amp camp amps it is truly special. I thought the ACAs were having serious bass run-on, but there was just more, a lot more, happening in the bass department, all of it clearly defined, and the concert bass drum reverberations were supposed to happen. Happy building.

Which one to build?

Excellent beginner instructions. No problems with parts or build. I got it to use as a pre-amp with the amp camp amp. Although it sounds good, and gives more volume possibilities, the amp camp amps sounded better (to me) without it. I have since built the Whammy headphone amp. It seems more suited to the ACA, with no difference of sound style or quality that I can hear. So, this one, the starving student ll - excellent little project. I want to add a warning here - the ACA and Starving student are both designed for beginner construction, so no electrocution can occur. The Whammy headphone amp does assume a higher level of electronics awareness, and you are completely responsible for your own safety. Thanks as always DIYaudio, you bring happiness into my life.

First ever headphone amp diy project! With help from great folks and easy to follow instructions!

Thanks to all the good folks on DIY forum for providing easy to follow guide and suggestions/tips. I built my Whammy in 4 days (2-3 hours per day). The most difficult part was the chassis as it's my first real diy project and I didn't know how to properly use power tools :) Quality of the board is great and the shipping took only one week to Ontario Canada. I'll definitely consider more projects from the DIY audio store! Thanks for making diy accessible to newbies!

amazing headphone amp

Build completed without issues thanks to the excellent build guide by 6L6 and extended notes and tips from Pete Millett. The kit arrived intact and in excellent shape. Thank you to Jason for his patience and guidance whenever called upon for assistance. The build was not difficult when approached with a reasonable amount of patience. Finished amp looks amazing thanks to the precision and sheer quality of the supplied enclosure. A golden nugget of a HP amp with pre-amp capability thrown in. Listening experience has been amazing. Immensely enjoyable and rewarding build. Highly recommended.

Korg Nutube B1

sourced chassis, Nutube, Board and FETS from DIYAudiostore
used Dale resistors, Nichicon KZ and Elna caps, Alp pot,, the sound, no cursing but its you know great. very great looking and pro with the chassis and can't believe the size. Does ring on input change but stops. Much Improved when hot glued Nutube to board. Value/price can't be beat. Using with DIYAudio F5 also built this year. Loving both. Much gratitude guys and thank God for NP

Love the B1 with Korg NuTube Pioneer Kit

I purchased the B1 with Korg NuTube PCB and triode last year and waited patiently for the chassis kit to be released. Surprisingly, Jason and Jim also released a Completion Kit, which eliminated my need to acquire the caps, resistors, and diode to complete the PCB. I’m glad I waited as this kit was easy to assemble with Jim’s (6L6) photos and advice. I still have to work to reduce/eliminate the NuTube microphony that flares up occasionally, but this is a special line stage preamp with incredible detail, separation, a large and deep soundstage with excellent imaging, and organic tonality. This is a bargain and will best many vacuum tube line stage amp kits currently on the market at a lower cost.

This project was my first amp kit. It went really well. All parts were there and working. Online instructions were easy to follow with ample photos and explanation. Just need some tools aside from the kit. Everything came pretty quickly, even the case from Italy. The amp actually works, and sounds good!

Great sound AND great looks.

Wonderful and easy to build amp kit. Great build videos and easy to understand builds instructions. Parts quality is very high...and the sound? Well, the sound is amazing. It drove my Tekton Double Impact with ease. My only wish would be to have a higher 4 ohm output rating. Highly recommended.

Kit is well put together and has everything needed. It has a pleasant and characterful sound. Enjoying it through an ACA and some Q Acoustics speakers. Very good for the price.

A bit too universal

As usual the PCBs are beautiful. Wanting to make a FirstWatt amp, I found this kit too "universal". I had to figure out what was necessary and split the diodes part of the PCB. It took me a long while to manage that, slowly and cautiously with a cutter but the result is up to expectation.


Beautiful PCBs, all received as mentioned, an excellent kit, but it always the case with the DIY store.
I wish the LED and its resistor were include but no big deal.
For the Jfet , it seems more complicated as they must be paired.
But "in fine", the kit is a big time saver and well done !

B1 Korg preamp

I built a single ended version for my M2X amp, this preamp transformed my amp to where it now replaces my McIntosh. So then I bought two more to make a balanced version for the F5t v3 balanced mono blocks I'm building. This preamp changes 3H amps into 2H masterpieces.

4U Deluxe F5 plus handles

Chassis was a little expensive but if your doing an F5 you probably don't want to go smaller. Assembly was easy and the chassis look great and it's pretty much made for the Diyaudio boards. Rear panel has no center support and while it seams thick enough pushing on it too hard while inserting a power cord will bow it in so think about adding a brace. The predrilled front panel made mounting the handles easy. When assembled one of the handle bars was loose and the other fine so it may need a little shimming. That said I'm actually pretty happy with the chassis and would purchase again. Chassis arrived in California in 5 or 6 days.

A New Favorite

I have several other DIY headphone amps. This one has the most well behaved turn on and turn off transients, i.e. almost none. No worries about damaging delicate drivers. Whammy has absolutely gobs of gain without noise. It can easily drive even low sensitivity planar magnetic headphones. I'm on #2 of 5 different front end opamps that I bought to try out and the differences between #1 and #2, although subtle, are there for the listening due this very clean circuit design. DIY audio doesn't get any better than this.

Build includes switching HP jack, preamp output jacks, noise filtering IEC inlet, front panel power switch and LED. All easy to add, although the Hammond chassis does get a bit tight and parts layout a bit critical.

Super quiet and well behaved

I have 4 other DIY headphone amps and this one is the quietest and has the most well behaved power turn on and turn off characteristics. I surmise that's due to its excellent internal power supply. The circuit has gobs of gain, enough to drive even my low sensitivity planar magnetic headphones. I added a 2 amp noise filtered IEC inlet, power switch/LED and output jacks to the original design. This unit functions well as a preamp, quite beyond my expectations. The new heart of my desktop system.

It was time for a BA-1

Fantastic pcb! Top quality! Very fast delivery around the world (USA-Germany) in under
one week.
I found a pair of TOSHIBA 2SJ109 and I thought I should build a BA-1 poweramp with the
singleended follower. Not finished yet. Intake board is done.


Great sound

Very happy with my amp camp.
I bought the aca 1.6 kit as my first project, it was straight forward to put together.
It sounds fantastic, very smooth. I use it with 8ohm 88db 3 way speakers, the sound good but miss tight bass, nevertheless the midrange and highs are fantastic and non-fatiguing.
I am going to build the M2X to have some more power.
The aca is definitely a keeper, also it dissipates 40watt vs the 160watt of the m2x, so useful for the hot summers.

It was time to build a BA-1

I found a pair of original TOSHIBA 2SJ109 BL - I was searching for a long time.
Now it was time to start this build.
The BA-1 - pcb is of excellent quality. Delivery was extremely fast as well customs.
The fun starts now....
Can´t tell anything about the sound - not finished ;-)

Coming from the Heathkit, Dynaco and Hafler kits generation, building this kit was an easy and fun project. The build instructions and step by step layout was easy to follow. For the diy person there's no better enjoyment than to build your own great sounding audio gear. This Amp Camp Amp is a very clean sounding amp, you will not be disappointed

Nutubes are versatile and sound great

I have built two nutube pre amps balanced one in a Galaxy 1U chassis, and one single-ended one built into an ACA chassis to make a Pass DIY integrated. Both of them sound really good and construction was straightforward with no problems except the third time I fitted a Nutube to its circuit board the little legs just didnt want to go into the little holes on the board. I used 3mm Sorbothane sheet to stick the nutube to the board and I have not noticed any microphonic effects. Good job, Nelson and DIYaudio ( thanks to 6L6 for the build guide also )

Lx-mini ASP

Great kit. Easy to put together. Works great with my vinyl player.

ACA v1.6 build

Went together beautifully, instructions were great, sounds wonderful.

I built one. Thank you Herb Reichert!!!!!!

I've always been intrigued by 300B SET amps. Over the years I've built a number of kits from AudioNote Kits and Bottlehead. Herb's Stereophile review made me commit. This is the best packed, picked, instructed kit I have made. Like Herb's, mine is the upgraded version, but I built it myself. It was an easy and fun build. My only caution is for newbies with little soldering experience. Watch some YouTube videos and practice first. In places the PCB is densely populated and the solder pads are close together.

Now for the best part. As Herb stated in his review, pair the TU-8600R with the right speaks and they sing. It's just mind boggling. You just built a $20,000 amp $2,000. There's nothing else to say!!!!!!

Beautiful and satisfying kit

This is my third DiyAudio build, and it was a great experience. I did the stuffing of the PCP over two shorter sessions over days, then final assembly during a third build session. No issues at all with kit and build. Teamed with the ACA I built last summer it is the best sounding desktop/computer system I have ever heard.

Another satisfying diyAudio project

I bought this little amp for the tube novelty and as a companion to my Amp Camp Amp. It was a fun and easy build which I spread over two days (approx 6 hours). The online documentation was great as always and I can highly recommend this wonderful little pre-amp. Quality parts and quality performance. My only "glitch" was the push button on/off switch rubbing a bit on the chassis hole but some minor adjustments had it freed up in no time. The picture was taken during initial testing.