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Very nice piece of kit

It was very simple to build. Mostly because of the very good and detailed instructions.
Love the board has test points too ... so its very easy too tune the pots and verify the build.
I like the sound too. A very fun build for me ;)

AMP CAMP My first and more to follow.

I very much enjoyed assembling the Amp camp kit. Instructions were perfect and easy to follow. My grandson helped me and it was a great way to spend time learning and enjoying the challenge. But the best part was reaping the benefits of completion and testing. Listened to Dave Rawlings Machine, Nashville Obsolete on vinyl and it sounded absolutely stunning and clear. I am very much looking forward to our next project. When available we will be ordering the Korg Nutube B1 Preamp kit. cannot wait!

Great CNC custom work!

I sent a FrontDesign drawing in with my order. CNC machining was required on both the front and the back of my 10mm panel, and Modushop did the work perfectly! Gianluca even contacted me by email to make sure they had it right. Great service and fast turnaround. The picture shows the preamp with its 2U custom panel. On top is a 3U Dissipante chassis which houses a Class A amp, also of my own design. Thanks, Modushop!

a realy very good amp !

I already build some Pass class A amp. but class A is not a good idea with powerful item.
I decide to try the Honey Badger. The design of Ostripper was very clever. There is all necessary element to obtain a fine result.
To my opinion there is in the schematics exactly what is needed to obtain a "good" amp but without complication. Except the fact that some holes are a little too small, the PCB is of good quality. I propose to clean the soldering side before beginning to obtain good solders. It is easy to populate.
The start procedure is well described and works perfectly... even if you made a mistake. When completed, I finally had the opportunity to hear nice music flowing from my speaker due to the exceptional quality of the Badger amp.
I am not disappointed and I begin a second one.
I can say it is a very good thing and a very musical amplifier.
Bravo to Pete Ostripper and thank you to Diy Audio Store to allow us to obtain such a result.

Impressive piece of kit

I was impressed by the quality of the components and the chassis. Nicely done. Putting the kit together is quite straight forward following 6L6's construction guide. No problems. I wouldn't recommend this as an intro electronics, though,
Sound is very neutral with the standard setup. I haven't tried other settings yet.
One issue with the pre-amp is a loud thump when turning it on or off. But this is mentioned in Mr. Pass' original article.
Overall, I am very pleased and am looking forward to using this with a tube amp that I have under construction.
Thanks, DIYAudio.

Lots of fun to discover!

This is a great preamp kit designed by Nelson Pass, comes with exceptional quality parts, and easy to build. The Korg Nutube 6P1 tube is not just a very cool device to look at, but also a very low power consumption vacuum tube which made it a perfect solution to convert it as a battery-powered preamp. Unlike a regular vacuum tube preamp, the Nutube 6P1 is not interchangeable. Although tube rolling is not possible to this preamp, Nelson adds a feature to adjust audio harmonics by a pair of trimmer pots each controlling the left and right separately. I can experience a different sound stage and 3D space by adjusting the value of the trimmer while the amp is powered on, how wonderful!
The kit already comes with audio grade electronic parts. Chassis is simple but elegant and solid, high-quality parts from Italy. I completed the kit with original parts which sounds very good already, later changed a few electrolytic caps with some polypropylene from the signal path suggested by the group member, this further improved the sound quality.
This little preamp kit is easy to build with lots of fun to discover. Worth every penny!

6-24XO - fantastic active crossover

The 6-24XO gives you the chance to build an excellent sounding 2-way - active -crossover (stereo) on one pcb.
The kit includes well matched J113 - JFets for the buffers. No Opamps involved.
The pcb is of very good quality. Delivery was very fast (as well the german customs).
Great kit - your chance to go 'active'.....


I bought mine directly from VK but it is the same model with Lundahl transformers and Upgraded resistors. I did upgrade the caps to copper foil a few weeks after the build and that did make a pretty big difference. The tube break-in was very noticeable with an overly warm presentation for quite a few hours taming down to a neutral signature. This amp with the right speakers is better than anything I’ve had in my system. I also have built an Aleph-j but really only use that when I need a little more power for low efficiency speakers. With my 95dB speakers it sounds simply amazing and gets plenty loud for me! You can’t go wrong as long as you can handle the build which is very well documented. As some have noted solder bridges are possible with the layout so do take care and inspect carefully as you solder!

No Problems

This kit is easy to build. The only issue I had was needing to ground the volume pot. I used rubber mounts for the board, and sound deadening in the chassis. Microphonics are not an issue. It sounds very good.

Great sound

The B1 preamp kit is very high quality and was an easy build. I’m very impressed with how transparent this preamp is. It’s a great value and the sound far exceeds what one would expect at this price.

Great kit to follow an ACA build

Another well constructed kit from the store like ACA. 6L6 instructions are great again and kit contents are meticulously packaged. Customer service is excellent too, helping out with some additional cat 5 that I overstripped.

I only wish this unit could be patched into an existing preamp set up with an on off bypass switch to activate nutube/harmonics and a "volume knob" to dial in bias or amount of distortion. Overall, am a very happy customer. Highly recommended :-). Thank you 6L6!

A real surprise!

It was worth to wait, the ACA sounds amazing with my monitor audio Bronze 2
Comparing it to my LM3875 based previous Amp you get much more details and much better staging

Just great

10/10; Just about perfect. Will shop here again.

ACP+ very good preamp - excellent headphoneamp

I built the ACP+ and was very curious if it will beat Waynes LineStage and the B1 Korg NUTUBE-pre?
There is no winner! Built them all! The ACP+ is a very good sounding preamp. I like it especially as a headphoneamp.
The pcb is well made and big size. Add to buy a matched set of P-channel-JFets (LinearSystems) from
the DIYaudiostore and you have a very good basis for an excellent sounding preamp.
Thanks to Nelson Pass to offer this design to the community!
Thanks to the DIYaudiostore -team for the perfect service! Super fast delivery!!!

Really nice case makes project shine

I built a BA2018 wanes linestage into mine, it was a pleasure to use the internal shelf and not to have to drill holes in the bottom of the case. The 10mm Aluminum face plate was a challenge however forester bits worked wonderfully.

First of many?

Complete noob; just finished a pair of ACA 1.8 in two days (with breaks to uncross eyes). Excellent quality; excellent instructions; excellent result. Highly recommended; thanks DIYaudio and Nelson Pass.


Great design, layout and board. I’ve been spending more time with ACP than any of my other pre’s - it sounds fantastic. Probably the best HPA I’ve heard too.

Aleph J
Pass DIY Aleph J is an Awesome Amplifier

I recently completed my Aleph J build and I have to say this has become one of my favorite amplifiers to listen to amongst my Pass DIY Sony VFET Class A amp and my McIntosh MC240 vacuum tube amp. This amplifier has exceeded my expectations. When I listen to this amp in my system, I am impressed with the fine detail, the separation between musicians within a very large, deep soundstage, and the tone and timbre.

Looks Great

I purchased two of these. They both look great. The build quality is exceptional. It was a little finicky to put the first chassis together, but the second one was pretty easy as I knew what I was doing.

Note that the back panel comes pre-cut for the DIYAS chassis kit.

Excellent Amp

Built 2 pairs for a bi-amped ESL setup. They sound amazing and were easy to build. Amps are quiet and the detail is fantastic. I would highly recommend this amp build to others.

Soft Start/Speaker Protection Boards

Built 2 pairs. These boards are quick and easy to build and work great. Would highly recommend!


Built 2 of these boards for a pair of Honey Badger amps. Excellent boards, quick and easy to build. Work great.

Nice looking chassis

I bought two of these with custom machining on the back panel for a pair of monoblocks. They shipped in less than two weeks even though they had to translate my drawings into CAD. All the holes were perfect.

The only thing I would note is that the top and bottom plates aren't symmetrical - meaning that the mounting holes along the sides to attach to the heat sinks are slightly closer to the back than the front. I drilled my own holes in the bottom, and discovered this afterward. I was still able to get the chassis together, but this made it more difficult.


The preferred chassis of William Alfred Noice. It's got holes in all the right places. Noice.


Outstanding an I would recommend this to any serious Headphone Listener.

I have built two of these and in both cases outstanding results, one the second one for my son I put the 15v transformer in to make it run cooler, there is no sound difference in the two units. The other has a 22v transformer in it. Used 833 Op amps tried various found that I liked these the best. I love the sound through both my SennHeisers 600, and really love it through the HiFiMan Sundara. I would have to say its the best result I have had with a DYI build and also with any commercial Headphone amp. Build it you will not be sorry. The front panel is miss spelled but that's the beauty of a DYI you can do what you want to it.