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Very satisfied !

Perfect matched transistor with a long lead time (6 weeks)
Already in use in my F5 with very good results

Measurement will come very soon online

My last amplifier..

After the great customer support from Elena and Jason, the kit arrived in The Netherlands. Perfectly packed, clear instructions and all parts complete. The instruction manual is of a very high quality ( respect! ) and building the amp was not very complex and a lot of fun to do. You need a bit of solder skills and the right material though. Unpacking the big Lundahl trafo's was a special moment, they are beauties. After finising the kit and putting in a complete Genalex tube set, i first listened with a cheap headphone to be sure everything worked fine. Sound was a bit muffled ( brand new tubes ) in the beginning but it was already very promising. I could not resist and connected it to my Klipsch Forte III and Lumin A1 to listen how it sounds and see if i had enough power. Well....more than enough! After connecting the TU-8600 i let it play for days to break in all parts, no critical listening, just background music. Last night i was listening with my girlfriend and we sat on the couch for hours, number after number, album after album and we could not stop. I'm 42 and had all kinds of equipment at home. Only transistor amps and my last on was a 2x30 Watt class A of 14K. None of these made me cry of musical emotion...this one did which was a revalation. Stage, immense detail, dense natural spooky real sound, articulation of voices, bass speed, power & detail...all there at any volume. Also when you play at low volume all is there which is very important for me, i don't want to play loud all the time to hear all details. The only thing i changed were the ECC82's which are Philips Miniwatt's now to give the sound a bit more 'body' but that's more personal taste. I'm very very happy with this amp, and it feels like an endpoint now. What you read in the reviews is true, it is that good. A big thanks to the designer of the amp and diyaudiostore. You made me a happy man.

Sounds Fantastic

This was the first time I built an electronics kit since I was maybe 10 or so. Went together very smoothly. The available documentation for this kit is great. I nearly bought a cheap "tube amp" of dubious origins on Amazon, but decided to build the starving student after reading lots of great things about it. I am glad I did. This amp adds real presence to both my headphones and to my newer Sony HiFi amp when used as a preamp.

This thing is GOOD

this is a really good unit considering the price, i am replacing my Massdrop CTH with this. this is a really dynamic amp and a really neat kit


She’s so magazine with First-Watt F4 more than Ba-3 Preamp.
Although her voltage gain is small, she doesn't sound like it.

A great Headphone Amp

I bought the PCB from DIYaudiostore and manually selected the parts from Digikey/Mouser etc.
PCB is of high quality and once assembled, the amp worked right away.
Sound quality is great, clearly above my JDS Atom, but I advise to play with input coupling caps and Op Amp to get the best synergy with your other gears.
I went for a slightly bigger chassis (Hifi 2000 Galaxy GX283 80x230x230), and it gives plenty of space to play around.
Be aware of the extra cost due to customs (shipped from US to EU, +33E in my case).
Highly recommended!

No Engraving but some very nice printing

Turns out I needed printing to get looks to match the ACA that I wanted but the factory where very helpful and after a couple of e-mails they posted out exactly what I'd asked for with no delay at all.

Pearl 2 Phono Case

This long shallow case was just the right size to fit in front of my turntable and house Pearl 2 PCB's. A couple of components will be a squeeze but worth the effort for a professional look. Custom face plate with "Pass Pearl 11 Phono Pre - Amp" printed on it to match ACA just adds to the pro look. Just need to order the rest of the parts now.

Whammy pcb

A really nice pcb. Follow the directions on diyaudio, and you'll have a great-sounding amp. Drives both my Grados and Sennheisers with ease. Looking forward to some op amp rolling. Thanks for making this available to diyers!

very very nice preamp

What a great preamp!
Easy to built and what a sound! I am really amazed about its soundscape: deep, large and full of details...
I recommande it absolutely ! Sincerely yours, Thierry Malarmey-Dorel

A fine amplifier

The MOFO is a fine amplifier: organic and rich soundscape, very natural medium range.
Of course, it depends totally on the quality of your preamplifier. Very easy to build, it is sincerely a great satisfaction.
I recommande it absolutely. Musically yours, Thierry Malarmey-Dorel

Monster Power Supply in Mini Dissipante

Bought to build ACA matching power supplies and bolted on top of the ACA. I cut a big hole in the ACA top and cut and trimmed the ACA to brackets to get the transformer in and sticking out the top. Very pleased that a quick dusting with satin black paint over the top of the lid covered bare Aluminium edges but the brushed finish still came through leaving a factory OEM look. I love how professional these case look.

Aleph J
Great boards

Love the thickness and overall quality of these boards. Great layout too. Thanks!

Great Value for Clean Tube Sound

This is a great kit, and a fun build with decent instructions. What struck me is the cleanliness of the sound even at high volume with a complete inaudibility of hiss. At the normal unity gain setting, you'll notice you'll have to really crank the volume to reach your desired spl, but it's ok, because you have the 3x gain option as well and it maintains its tight, fully-fleshed, focused control on sound reproduction even when pushed past a 2 'o clock setting on the volume dial on normal unity gain setting.

I found it to be extremely transparent if your source, power amp, speakers and placement, cables and interconnects are up to the challenge.

It is neutral, transparent, and very easy to listen to over extended periods and not classically "tubelike", warm or even sterile or clinical for that matter. Try listening to something like a SACD player through it and you will be impressed with its detail retrieval, fleshed out bottom end and airy highs.

Like any kit, there are opportunities to substitute your own parts if you like to experiment with the resulting outcome of sound which I did in an attempt to make it even a little warmer, "tubelike" or vintage HiFi sounding. However, all parts supplied are well-considered and of very high quality. In fact I found it somewhat difficult to source parts of higher quality than what is originally supplied. There is no reason to have to sub anything, really. I can tell you it is rock steady and maintains a very clean, accurate, transparent sound whether you stick with all stock parts or substitute some of your own, much like how Elekit gives you an AMTRANS resistor option. Any way you slice it, it's a great sounding preamp with a clean, robust circuit design and a pretty good phono stage as well with the ability to swap its opamps to change the phono's flavor. I only wish it had one more set of RCA inputs however, so I could simulataneously hook up all my stereo gear at once including an HD radio. Great preamp, I reco...

It was time to build a BA-1 with SE Output

The BA-1 Monoblocks are finished. Beautiful sound - a bit special - perhaps the single ended class A concept.
I like this amp!

F6 amplifier kit

Fast delivery, top quality parts. Sound amazing, very easy to build and adjustments. Thank you 6l6.

This is my second DiyAudio proyect after Whammy headphone amp.
This one has been a bit easier for me. I would like to highlight the Excellent 6L6 construction guide and the assembly instructions written by Pete Millet.
It looks amazing thanks to the custom enclosure and The sound is superb

Don't be scared!

YouTube didn't lie - you can work Aluminium with wood working machine tools as long as you have plenty of lubrication. Cut big holes counter sink your volume knobs... See photos

Korg Nutube Pioneer Kit

Paired with a brace of ACA my system has never produced cleaner clearer music. My much loved 30 year push pull triode valve amp will be put away in it's original packing bested by a Korg Nutube and single ended transistor power. The Korg buffer has been favourably reviewed by professional audio reviewers against other pre-amps costing more than 10 times as much, without hearing such things it's hard to argue. I just need to build a phono stage to plug in to it now.

The Wall wart power supply that requires a travel adapter is a big disappointment - given a choice I'd opt for brick with a choice of international plugs (or a plug I can cut off and replace). Alps volume pot keeps the cost down but there are better sounding options when you are ready for not too much more- TKD, Tocos Cosmos etc. I built mine in Galaxy 2 U case so that I could mount the Korg vertically in full view and get more inputs into the back of the case with an elma switch and match the silver ACA cases I already have.

Aleph J
Aleph J

I first came across the dii-audio, bought the pass-alep J board and the FET, and I bought the trans and case separately.

I'm happy to hear as good a sound as I expected.

There was a problem with grounding and RCA wiring, but fortunately it's been solved and I'm listening with great satisfaction.

Now I'm going to try the preamplifier.

Thank you. Everyone.

As a pre-amp

Everything except heat paste was in the box. Excellent instructions, but two things to watch - this project is not like the amp camp amp and starving student II, which were made for anyone and everyone to build safely - you can electrocute yourself with this project. To death. Perhaps before turning it on cover the 120/240 volt ac live track parts with beads of hot glue? Someone else will have better advice. Second thing, the instructions are excellent, but I still needed to remove some resistors I had put on the board after successfully leaving them off earlier in the build - look at and compare the assembled board picture when you've finished yours, before turning it on. As a preamp for the amp camp amps it is truly special. I thought the ACAs were having serious bass run-on, but there was just more, a lot more, happening in the bass department, all of it clearly defined, and the concert bass drum reverberations were supposed to happen. Happy building.

Which one to build?

Excellent beginner instructions. No problems with parts or build. I got it to use as a pre-amp with the amp camp amp. Although it sounds good, and gives more volume possibilities, the amp camp amps sounded better (to me) without it. I have since built the Whammy headphone amp. It seems more suited to the ACA, with no difference of sound style or quality that I can hear. So, this one, the starving student ll - excellent little project. I want to add a warning here - the ACA and Starving student are both designed for beginner construction, so no electrocution can occur. The Whammy headphone amp does assume a higher level of electronics awareness, and you are completely responsible for your own safety. Thanks as always DIYaudio, you bring happiness into my life.

First ever headphone amp diy project! With help from great folks and easy to follow instructions!

Thanks to all the good folks on DIY forum for providing easy to follow guide and suggestions/tips. I built my Whammy in 4 days (2-3 hours per day). The most difficult part was the chassis as it's my first real diy project and I didn't know how to properly use power tools :) Quality of the board is great and the shipping took only one week to Ontario Canada. I'll definitely consider more projects from the DIY audio store! Thanks for making diy accessible to newbies!

amazing headphone amp

Build completed without issues thanks to the excellent build guide by 6L6 and extended notes and tips from Pete Millett. The kit arrived intact and in excellent shape. Thank you to Jason for his patience and guidance whenever called upon for assistance. The build was not difficult when approached with a reasonable amount of patience. Finished amp looks amazing thanks to the precision and sheer quality of the supplied enclosure. A golden nugget of a HP amp with pre-amp capability thrown in. Listening experience has been amazing. Immensely enjoyable and rewarding build. Highly recommended.

Korg Nutube B1

sourced chassis, Nutube, Board and FETS from DIYAudiostore
used Dale resistors, Nichicon KZ and Elna caps, Alp pot,, the sound, no cursing but its you know great. very great looking and pro with the chassis and can't believe the size. Does ring on input change but stops. Much Improved when hot glued Nutube to board. Value/price can't be beat. Using with DIYAudio F5 also built this year. Loving both. Much gratitude guys and thank God for NP