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All worked out well…definitely worth while.


Schipping was very fast to Germany!
The First time i ever build an AMP. It works finde witout any rework. I solderd all parts in 2h. From Sound Point of View i can say its amaizing. I use the AMP with my diy Cobra horn BRT speakers. Now i Think i need a sende one. For VOL Control i use a schiit sys. Works great Togeter.

Elekit TU 8800 with Lundahl transformers

Just finished the kit and am extremely happy with the purchase! It took 2 partial days to complete and the instructions were excellent once I got used to the nomenclature.
The sound is amazing! Dead quiet even with the volume up (and no program material). I am amazed at how accurate the description of different tube types is so obvious.
I started out with a pair of EL-34s, the sound was smooth and clear in the mids and highs, and the bass was very good and tight. I then switched to the high setting of the power mode and put in a pair of Gold Lion KT-88s. Again I am hearing exceptional mids and highs, but the bass now has a “slam” to it that wasn’t there with the EL-34s. I am looking forward to rolling all kind of tubes through this amp as the overall sound quality with each of the tube types just draws you in and leaves you wanting to listen more!
I plan on installing some Russian K40Y coupling capacitors when they arrive and look forward to seeing if they produce any notable difference.
I would highly recommend this amp to anyone who has some experience soldering and is looking for a fantastic amplifier to roll tubes and enjoy fabulous sounding music!

Another diy nice project

Was very easy to build and sounds very good to me. I installed it inside a diy passive preamp which feeds my diy F6. So now it includes remote volume control and the ability to have it bypassed in case you want to eliminate it to avoid “too much of a good thing” for example, while playing my turntable with it’s tube based phono stage. As it looks, I rarely bypass the Korg because it provides nice sound improvement with all music sources.
This look is not the final, after proving the concept I’ll work on the look

Easy to build with very well written build guide.

I decided to build this kit because of the possibility to change the sound with the trimpots. My knowledge of electronics is very limited, so I had some hesitations. However the build guide is very good, the number of parts is limited and the forum is very much alive. I took the gamble and bought the full kit. All the parts arrived in bags, grouped by function. That made it easy to comprehend which was which.
Building was not very difficult with the guide.
It is very nice that various Voltage measure points are described, which gives confidence that your build is ok. Everything worked very nice. I was very happy to see the blue lights.
The trimpots are a bit difficult to adjust because a small movement already gives a lot of change in Voltage (T7, T8).
This is my first tube preamp. I did not know what to expect. I was surprised that combined with my Naim 155 XS it separates all musical elements and gives a very steady stereo image. It gives me more high tones than my previous preamp. I had to get used to that.
I experimented with the the trim pots from 9.5V to 14.5V. Big fun to listen to a large part of my cd collection, to decide what the best sound was. At the moment I leave them at 12V, which as I understand gives the least distortion in second harmonics.
I am very happy with the sound my B1K. Many thanks to Nelson Pass, the writers of the build guide and the diyaudio community.

Such a nice kit and outstanding results!

I built it in a different box, with remote attenuator (Chinese motor operated ALPS potentiometer)
Being afraid of "too much of a good thing" and having a triode based phono stage, I equipped it with a bypass, so I can run the signal straight or through the Korg, the picture shows the look at the test phase.

As far as I can tell until now, the Korg makes the music sound better to me, but I can switch between streight signal pass and through the amplification.

Once again, would like to thank the designer Mr. Pass and the kit supplier, a wonderful preamplifier! Not to forget the F6 which we at home enjoy on every day basis

this is a keeper.

built it over 2 easy days. worked straight after the build, no issues.

Its rocking an audio technica M20X for now, (a very very economy phone, but one which has run-in atleast 1000 hours as a training e-drum monitor).
this amp has become a motivation to audition few headphones. it deserves much better than what I have now.

Also, was pleasantly surprised how well it drove my (bridged) pair of Amp camp amps and my DIY horn speakers.

the kit did not come with:
Pre-out RCA sockets, even though the back panel is drilled out for the same, and the shielded cable length provided for.
A resistor for the blue power LED
not an issue except for needing to run to the local parts store.

I will be trying out a few opamps with this . including the burson discreet v6.

Thank you Wayne,
more karma points to you. I am a very happy user.

Lovely, lovely sounds

A beautiful sounding machine. Paired with an Aleph J, the sound is detailed, precise, delicate, not bright or harsh. A straightforward build, apart from some SMD shenanigans (gremlins were blamed, but it was all me). Easily sorted with the excellent guidance from forum members. Thanks to all.

I felt like I'd won the lottery when I was able to buy this kit after a year on the notification list.
And I sure wasn't disappointed.
I've built more than a dozen electronic audio kits, ranging from guitar effects to hi-fi components, from sellers ranging from hobbyists and small manufacturers to big-name kit producers, and this is hands-down the best quality kit I have ever assembled.
It's evident from how it was put together that this is a labor of love, not a highly-profitable commercial venture. Despite my minimal understanding of electronics and mediocre soldering skill, my B1K preamp worked perfectly the first time I powered it up. This experience speaks to the quality of the board, the components, and the assembly instructions. sounds fantastic! Body, dimension, texture, detail. There's nothing like tubes to add a little 'magic' to your sound.
Highly recommended for anyone who's into serious audio, loves music, and likes to build.

What a beauty!!!

A fun build, sounds absolutely awesome as a headphone amp and just as great as a pre-amp.
The original build guide was a great help.

Beautiful kit and definitely highly recommended!!!

Many thanks to Wayne for making this design available to us and the Diyaudio store guys for putting an awesome kit together.

Awesome Headphone Amp

Easy to construct, well designed PCB and high quality parts used and the result is a superb headphone amp.
Amazing detail and dynamic range, wide open sound stage, neutral sounding.
It is not the most compact headphone amp but what you loose in desktop space you gain in sound quality and enjoyment listening to your favourite artists and albums all over again.
This headphone amp has tonnes of power available and can drive virtually all headphones to insanely loud levels. Tested with a range of headphones from Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamic and Audeze and they all sound amazing through this amp.
You won't want to take your headphones off after listening to this amp.


Very nice PCB. Easy assembly. Sound is very transparent. Excellent crossover

I built two. Awesome kit

No prior experience with electronics or soldering. First I built the kit. I wasn’t careful. I burnt myself along the way, made a hash of it, but it worked and sounded awesome. Loved it so much I wanted to try and build one with upgraded parts.

I got a second kit but replaced all the resistors and capacitors in the signal path based on some reading and experimentation. Takman metal film resistors, a couple of expensive “audiophile” resistors at the headphone output, Elna Silmic II capacitors, and Audio Note KAISEI 2200uf capacitors to replace the gold 1000uf caps in the kit. The new caps were too big, so I had to MacGruber them in. Designed a custom chassis for it with space for a raspberry pi and an OLED display.

Does it sound better? Maybe, maybe a bit sharper up top and more robust down low; the kit sounds awesome as it is, though. It runs all my headphones from 20 Ohms to 150 Ohms fantastically. The preamp out sounds great on a Mytek Brooklyn Amp+. I don’t have much experience with audiophile amps, but the ACP+ sounds amazing even with headphones I thought were lifeless (HD 660s). Planar or dynamic drivers, different DACs and phono stages, everything sounds great. There’s hiss at the far end of the volume pot, way beyond any volume I would dare listen. Normal to loud listening levels are dead quiet in the background.

I got suckered into buying a couple HPAs that were highly recommended by YouTubers, and this amp is better. If all you need is a single ended HPA with a couple inputs and a preamp out, I think you might be hard pressed to find anything that sounds better even at 3-4 times the price of the kit. Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you built it.

Highly, highly recommend you get a soldering iron and the kit and build one yourself.

Great Amp!

I bought the ACA amplifier kit, assembled it and WOW! It sounds amazing!🙂 An amazing amp for a modest price!

Another winner from Nelson

I ordered this kit for several reasons, to keep myself current in building, as an adventure in low power and to see if the magic of Class-A was still there for me. I owned a Sumo Nine many moons ago and loved it.. I took my time with this kit and triple checked everything and spent a lot of time on getting it 'pretty' - especially the wiring. It powered up perfect first time and other than the adventure of chasing the bias point it worked perfectly. The bias adjustment pots could be 10 turn type, it would be easier. When you make a bias adjustment it swings up and down in a decreasing amplitude sine until it stabilizes - make very small adjustments and wait ! This amp has no right to sound this good. It is powerful ( 8w ?? ), dynamic, transparent and smooth. I cannot believe the big electrolytic in series with the output allows the highs to sound this good. 8 watts drives my Epos M5s ( medium efficiency speaker ) to wife yelling levels in a medium sized room. As noted by others you will have to feed a decent level input to the amp to get full volume but my Creek CD player had plenty through a home made 10k pot-in-a-box 'preamp'. This amp absolutely kills many much more expensive amps at lower volumes. It is now my reference. If you're wavering on getting a kit - JUST GET IT !
You won't be sorry. Thanks Nelson !!!!

Complete Quality

The quality of the parts and the description is very good, the hearing tests started ........

I ended up building three of the kits, one as a stereo version, using RCA's with unity gain, so it could be used inline from a preamp to an amplifier. The other two kits, I built a Balanced version, one kit for each channel, once again with unity gain so it could be used inline from my Balance BA2018 preamp to my ALEPH J amplifier. All of these projects were built using parts and enclosures from the DIY audiostore.

Nutube pre-amp solved my tube amp desire

I had been thinking about buying or building a tube amp. Then I discovered the Nutube. This was a fun diy build project resulting in a great sounding pre-amp. I plugged this into my ACA and noticed a new dimension to the music.
When I started this project, the completion kit was not available so I ended up sourcing those components. Another learning experience.

High joint strength & polished appearance

As a longtime audio hobbyist this particular product is new to me, having used numerous solder types previously including another popular brand eutectic. So far I’m finding FIRE-METALL is terrific for wiring passive crossovers, as well as for terminating speaker cables and interconnects. It has excellent joint strength and looks great too in case the finished work will be exposed. I expect to see the same desirable results with PCBs though I rarely dabble with them.
When experimenting with eutectic solder for the first time it can be tricky to command, but once the correct temp is dialed in your project(s) will thank you and your patience will be rewarded.
(With their rebuild still in progress, the first-order crossovers depicted belong to a pair of ‘70’s era Rectilinear XI’s… a ported 10” 2-way bookshelf design employing the ever popular 2” paper cone tweeter with phenolic-ring surround. Only the sand-cast resistor being kept for posterity, all else upgraded. FIRE-METALL used throughout to optimize performance and longevity.)

The Elekit TU-8200R DX is a very fun kit to build!

The amp sounds awesome! Just take your time, follow the directions, and you can’t go wrong. I had a slight hum on the initial build with no sound but went over all my soldering and found the issue and has been working ever since. I even had mine specially powder coat painted in a color of my choosing which makes the amp even sexier! It’s a great SET amp for the price with all high quality parts. A definite end game headphone amp.

Aleph J

It came nicely packed and I actually bought this FET Kits separately and bought the other parts to complete the whole Aleph J Amp. The sound signature of this design, thanks to the very generous Mr. Pass is so unique with holographic and engaging sound stage, well controlled lows and very sweet mids and highs.

This is my reference DIY amp now after building the ACA and the F4. Its is just a cut above all the ones I built. So worth the time and money and I am delighted I decided to build it.

Amp=5 stars Directions=2 stars

I taught myself basic electronics and soldering for the express purpose of building this amp and I'm glad I did. The project was fun, taught me how the otherwise mysterious insides of these magical boxes work and resulted in such a great sound that I bought a second to set up a mono block system. These will be driving a pair of Klipsch Forte 1 speakers and I am amped to get them running (get it? amped? I kill me!).

I had a minor issue (right channel input on the PCB was backwards) which I posted on the forum and received an immediate response that helped me sort it out. If you are trying to decide if you should buy the kit, stop reading this and just add it to your cart.

To DIYAudio, do your customers a favor and have a technical writer put the online instructions together. There are too many paths between version iterations which can drive the reader to the wrong set of instructions. The documents that were included in the first amp kit were not included in the second and unfortunately I did not keep them for reference. That didn't stop the build but did create some extra work.

Matched JFETs
Marcin G.
B1 - LSK170

I've just built B1 around those. Haven't auditioned it yet, but the oscilloscope says it's basically perfect 10Hz-500kHz. I'm very happy so far, I'll probably come back for more.

F6 Parts Kit
Robert C.
First Watt F6 Clone

This is my first power amplifier build and simply it is one of the best hobby projects that I ever had.
Thanks to 6L6 on well documented illustrated building guide and later on all useful recommendations and answers on F6 building forum.
For the novice, stick to the building guide step by step and you can't go wrong. I wouldn't say that it is easy cause you must have some basic knowledge about electronics, soldering and you need time and lot of patience, but this is right place to start.
Other than that, DIYAUDIO proved to be excellent service provider with top quality parts and service desk.
I will put my observations and possible improvements for more easier builds:
1.) Include Matched JFETs (Toshiba 2SK170/2SJ74 Quad Idss 8-11mA) in drop down menu for F6 clone kit.
2.) Include Matched MOSFET in drop down menu for F6 clone kit.
3.) I’m wondering if the chassis for the F6 could be deeper (e.g., 400 mm) and consequently have more space and better cooling. I have used recommended Deluxe 4U.
4.) Be careful with the 3296 Trimmer Potentiometer. It caused me a lot of trouble. Take care of it for good soldering and later during BIAS adjustment procedure.
Now I'm enjoying in my first F6 build. The sound is pleasant, warm and you can listen to the music for hours. Thank you, Mr. Pass, and 6L6 once again.
I have already started another DIY project with Nutube Korg B1 preamplifier. See you soon.
Good luck to all DIYers!

Steve W.
I eventually built it!!!

Bought the boards from DiyStore in April 2018 and it was going to be next months project..... I eventually got to it about month ago and build it without any problems. Using a 30v Antek 800VA transformer to give me 41V DC and currently have it biased at 0.330v and monitoring the heatsink temperature which seems to be fine and sitting at roughly 50deg Celsius. After a couple of hours of playing it with the Noir pre-amp the sound settled and it sounding absolutely stunning now… a project well worth it and highly recommended!!!

I’m planning to pair this with the electrostats I’m building, but that’s for next month.