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Great satisfaction

Perfectly designed PCB
Easy to incorporate parts
fair price
Great thanks

SSII HP Amp & Preamp

This is a potentially very satisfying project to undertake. The amp kit came with all the needed parts neatly packed in labeled bags. There was a parts lists, with pictures, and a schematic included. The PCB is of very high quality and it has labels for all the parts to be mounted.
With due attention, the assembly is not difficult, and the end result is very satisfying. The sound is somehow tubey, very clear and authoritative throughout the range. I’m using it as a preamp for another of P. Millett’s creations, the engineer’s amp, it’s a very nice match and it plays great all different kinds of music and sounds (I have synths attached to the system). I will recommend the project to all who feel they can do it. If you set yourself up to it, and you are careful and methodic, you certainly can do it!

Very nice unit

I got one of the 1st batch of kits - pretty easy assembly (with one caveat - see below) - which means that it was very well thought out & designed. Fits perfectly into the enclosure, which was also very well designed. Coupled with the ACA (which is then driving a pair of Klipsch Cornwall speakers) results in excellent sound - really shows off what the ACA can do.

I recommend this kit hightly for anyone considering it.

The assembly caveat - the 1st run of PCBs had some very small pads for soldering & my soldering iron had an old, beat up tip. Apparently, I didn't get all of the connections right (had to take it back to the bench a few times). The solder pads on the ground plane were the most problematic. After updating the soldering station to something newer than 30 years old, I reflowed all the solder joints and have had no issues since. I've heard that the 2nd release of the kit has a redesigned PCB, with larger pads, which would take care of this problem.

Easy, afffordable and great sounding headphone/pre-amp

Soldered up the whole board in a few hours, detailed instructions, couldn't be easier. High quality board as always from diy audio. This time I didn't have to de-solder anything, but past experience has proved that the boards from DIYaudio can withstand desoldering without damage.

Sounds great from first second used for headphones and as a preamp. I'm powering my ACA with it and it sounds great right away. I've not had any tube equipment before, but I'm really liking it, it sounds distinctly different from my solid state pre-amps. I didn't know it but I guess I like tube amps.

This was a quick and easy build, easier than the ACA, as all the components are through hole. there is no wiring at all.

Only suggestion I have is to mill holes on the bottom so that you can access the jumpers for changing between constant current and resistive load. It would just need to be big enough to slip a needle nose plier into.

Beautiful and satisfying kit

This is my third DiyAudio build, and it was a great experience. I did the stuffing of the PCP over two shorter sessions over days, then final assembly during a third build session. No issues at all with kit and build. Teamed with the ACA I built last summer it is the best sounding desktop/computer system I have ever heard.

Fast delivery!

F5t v3

I'm building a pair of mono block F5t v3 balanced amps, I bought two sets of the soft start and speaker protection pc boards. With a 800 va 36v secondary torroids, the soft start I felt was a requirement. The speaker protection boards I wasn't going to use until several people explained the DC coupled amps can destroy my speakers if DC leaked to the outputs. The only interface with the audio signal is through the relays so no big deal. I'm glad they are sold together. Thank you diy!

Another satisfying diyAudio project

I bought this little amp for the tube novelty and as a companion to my Amp Camp Amp. It was a fun and easy build which I spread over two days (approx 6 hours). The online documentation was great as always and I can highly recommend this wonderful little pre-amp. Quality parts and quality performance. My only "glitch" was the push button on/off switch rubbing a bit on the chassis hole but some minor adjustments had it freed up in no time. The picture was taken during initial testing.

NuTube - the 21st Century's 12AX7

This device, designed and built by Kyocera is a breakthrough in linear amplification. The first major improvement since the Toshiba JFET of 30 years ago. The NuTube combines the best features of the miniature vacuum tube with voltages consistent with transistor based preamplifiers. It can support gains up to 30 ddB and has great characteristics with a gain of 15 dB. I am using mine with JFET input and output buffers in a circuit designed by the evergreen genius, Nelson Pass.

Great kit, great sound

The instructions are excellent. The whole project too k me ~5 hours. I have recently tried this amp in stereo unit in my main system and am amazed how much bass it produces with so few watts. Looking forward to trying it out with more configurations and speakers and possibly getting another to run in monoblock mode.

Great little headphone/pre

Almost as easy as amp camp amp to build, perfect pair, went together over 2 days, total time somewhere between 6 & 8 hrs, suggestions for future versions:
would be nice to have more than 1 input w switch between inputs, & as opposed to having to remove bottom cover to switch between constant current & resistive load, switch on back panel would be nice.
That said, punches way above it's wt class, no complaints, everybody needs one of these!

2nd review... same as the first

Purchased another Galaxy 1U and once again I couldn't be happier with it. Probably won't be my last.

Great Kit

The WHAMMY Headphone Amplifier was my first foray into DIY electronics. With the online instructions by 6L6 and the WHAMMY build guide thread on diyAudio the kit was a breeze to put together. It worked the very first time. It took me longer to put together than suggested by the build guide but that was because I triple checked everything. I had not soldered since my electronics class in middle school 50 years ago. I would recommend the WHAMMY to anyone who listens to headphones. Great experience that just keeps getting better. Trying to determine the next project!

The ACA together with this supply makes DIY easy

Best amp i have ever had

The ACA is the best amp i have ever had

Great case and great service.

Case was perfect for my project. Would be nice if it included better assembly instructions but worked out well once I figured out how to attaché the base.

Beautiful sounding B1 KORG NUTUBE

The pcb is of very good quality. The diyAudioshop sent it very fast. Included JFETs are matched very well.
How does it sound? - Beautiful! Absolutely no hum or noise. Open wide soundstage. Interesting possibility
to adjust positive and negative 2nd harmonic. Together with my BA-3 poweramp great.
This little soundmachine is a giant!
Dirk / cubicincher

Starting again

Time isn’t something I get much of anymore, but a few days alone and some time to listen to a combination of a Terra Berry DAC, amp camp amp and some Fostex folded horns has taken me. I’m listening to stuff I’ve known since being a kid to now listening to it again with new older ears. Recordings I’ve known are new again. Anyway.. lamenting... The presence from the horns is really impressive. The depth from a handful of watts is brilliant. Turning up beyond 8 will be a neighbour discussion.


Fun build and I love the soundquality from this preamp.

I would like som xlr outputs.

Dissappante 4U

A very nice enclosure, with outstanding build quality. If you purchase one, I would suggest getting the optional feet, as the standard plastic feet do not match the super high quality of the rest of the cabinet.


This preamp looks so tiny - but the sound is giant!
The pcb is of excellent quality, as well the matched JFETs. I would say it is not difficult to build.
Delivery time from diyAudiostore was very fast. Well packed.
How does it sound? - Fantastic! The possibilty to adjust the harmonic profile is a very cool gimmick.
Build it - Test it - Enjoy beautiful music with it!
Plays wonderful with my BA-3 poweramp and others.


Finaly I received the parts, the German DHL did a bad job and resend the items to USA where they get lost. But diyaudiostore shipped the parts for free, they charged only the shipping. Thanks a lot! Great stuff, now I am fiddling to find the best crossover points for my Speakers.

Great product

Keratherm gave my aleph j build great thermal conduction. And DiyAudiostore are very reliable and have the best communication with me as costumer

Great Kit

I just hooked up to my system, without putting into a chassis yet as I could not wait. The sound is awesome. The lower end of the frequency spectrum is better, more detail and information all around, more clarity, and plenty of power for my speakers. Basically this preAmp brought to live my speakers. This was easy to put together, and when in doubt look at the diyaudio forum for some tips and ideas. Thank you to Nelson Pass for this fantastic hobby and preAmp, 6L6 for guides, and those that helped with list of components at diyaudio. I highly recommend that you build one of these :)

B1 Korg Board & Jfets

First DIY, was able to assemble successfully.