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Shipping Information


All services other than DHL Express are affected by COVID19 related delays. All carriers (DHL, USPS, UPS) have advised us that:

  • Lost or damaged shipments can be claimed
  • Delayed shipments cannot be claimed

We regularly update our shipping calculation system to show the expected delays for each service, however some parcels may be delayed for weeks or months which is beyond our control. This is a once in 100 years event, all carriers have enacted "force majeure" and will not allow claims on delayed packages. Until the carrier acknowledges your package as lost, it will be considered delayed.

To date we have not seen any packages "lost". They are all turning up, but in rare cases (< 1%), we are seeing delays of over 100 days. 


Warehouse locations / Shipment origins

  • All non-chassis items are shipped from our 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) facility in Massachusetts
  • All chassis items (manufactured by Hifi2000), unless specified otherwise, are shipped direct from Hifi2000 in Italy

Shipping Methods

We ship using the following methods. Not all methods are available to all countries or for all orders. Add items to your cart and go to the shipping page to see what options are available as they may change depending on cart value, dimensions, and destination.

Type Carrier Service Price Service Type Delivered By Signature Required? Insured Failed deliveries are returned to us or  destroyed? Deliveries rejected or abandoned by the customer  are returned to us or destroyed? Number of days to wait before contacting us about a lost package
Domestic USA from our Massachusetts warehouse USPS Priority & Express $$$$ Premium service USPS No Yes Returned Destroyed 15 days (7 for Express) from the last date mentioned in the tracking
International from our 
Massachusetts warehouse (from US to the rest of world)


Priority & Express International

$$$$ Premium service National carrier (always good) No Yes Returned
30§ 60 days from the last day it was in the US
DHL Parcel  Direct $$ Affordable & reliable DHL No Yes Returned
40§ 100 days from the last day it was in the US*
DHL Express $$$ Ultra Premium Service DHL Express Yes Yes Returned
1 Week
DHL Parcel Standard $$ Discount Local Courier (quality varies) No


Returned (takes months)
40§ 100 days days from the last day it was in the US*
DHL Packet Plus† $
Local Courier (quality varies)


(with caveats)

Returned (takes months)
40§ 100 days days from the last day it was in the US*
Hifi2000 chassis shipments from Italy FedEx FedEx International Economy $$$ Premium service FedEx Yes Yes Returned
14 days from the last date mentioned in the tracking

§ COVID19 related change - a small number of packages are encountering very long delays
 See insurance section for specific insurance caveats on DHL Packet Plus. Packet Plus is only available to select countries, for certain items, when the order total is under USD$100
See our Hifi2000 chassis shipping information page for more information on this service
* South Africa + all South American countries: 60 days

Order Changes

Please triple check your order items, address and contact information before placing your order. Please read the "Insurance" section of this Shipping and Returns policy which stresses the importance of entering correct valid information when you place your order.

Once you have paid for your order the sale is final. It is transmitted electronically and immediately to our fulfillment centers in Massachusetts and/or Italy to be fulfilled. Due to the long chain of systems, the fact we have staff in different timezones all over the world and the way various legacy systems interact, we are unable to make any changes to orders once they have been placed. 

Once you receive your goods you are welcome to return them. Never ever reject a package. Always accept it, then see our returns policy for details about how to obtain an RMA.

We're working on being able to edit orders after you've placed them but before they ship, but that is still some time away. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Shipping to Addresses in the USA

We ship domestically within the USA from our MA warehouse using USPS. It's generally a fast and reliable service. It does not require a signature unless you chose a USPS service that specifies it being required when you placed your order.

Any chassis related items you ordered will be sent from Italy using FedEx International. This is also a fast and reliable service. You are responsible for any duties. For the US they are typically small if any. See our chassis shipping information page for details. Please note that all FedEx shipments must be signed for.

Shipping to Non-US / International Addresses

We ship internationally from the US using USPS and DHL.

Any chassis related items you ordered will be sent from Italy using FedEx International. This is also a fast and reliable service. You are responsible for any duties your country's customs department may decide to charge you. See our chassis shipping information page for details. Please note that all FedEx shipments must be signed for.

Shipping Prices

To determine shipping costs to your area, please go through the process of ordering an item. On the checkout page you will be offered a number of shipping options, depending on the country and the goods you have got in your cart.

Destination Limitations

We have the following restrictions on destinations:

  • We do not deliver to hotels or anywhere the recipient is staying as a guest.
  • Hifi2000 does not deliver to PO boxes.

Duties and Taxes

The purchaser is solely responsible for paying any duty or taxes levied by their government. Please check with the appropriate institution before placing an order if you are unsure what you may be liable for.

US customers concerned about import duties on chassis should read our chassis shipping information page. If charged at all, typically US duties on chassis are 2.6% + a convenience fee, but these are strange times for US international commerce and you never know what might change overnight when it comes to international duties.

If you have paid duty for the order you received and you're returning it to us, you should be able to claim a refund of duties from your local customs authority. To find out how and for any other queries about customs duty please contact your local customs authority. To ensure there is no further duty to pay please mark your return parcel, "RETURNED GOODS-FAILED SALE".



After you make a purchase you will receive an email containing a link to download your PDF invoice. Please save this for your records.

Normally we don't include an invoice with the shipment. Most countries now do not require this and have adopted a new worldwide standard that integrates the value into the shipping label itself.

Some countries are stuck in the old way of doing things, such as Germany. For those countries we do fully comply with their specific requirements and attach a commercial invoice to the outside of the package. They'll usually ignore that anyway, and ask you to present your "real" invoice (that's the PDF mentioned above). 

Sorry, we cannot change the goods value on the invoice. Putting aside the difficulty of doing so without consequence in today's Orwellian environment, it would render your insurance void. 

Back Orders / Pre Orders / Out of Stock Items

When something is out of stock we usually identify the situation with one of the following:


  • We are always confident back-orders will come back in stock within a reasonable time.
  • For your convenience and so you don't need to check regularly, you are able to back-order the item now. This will secure your place in the order queue.
  • We ship back-orders out on a "first-ordered, first-shipped" basis.
  • Typical wait times for a back-order to ship might be 2 weeks to 2 months.


  • We are planning to produce a large batch of this item but haven't purchased all the raw materials yet.
  • Often there is a small window of time in which you can make a pre-order and then it closes.
  • Typical wait times for pre-orders to ship might be 4-12 months.

    Out of Stock

    • We aren't confident when it will come back in stock and the product cannot be back-ordered.
    • We don't want to risk taking your money because we aren't sure we will be able to fulfil your order. 
    • Use the "Notify me when available" button to get an email when this item is able to be pre-ordered, back-ordered, or immediately ordered.


      Please note that we never ship partial orders. If you order a back-order or pre-order item, it will prevent your whole order from shipping.

      We use a "first-ordered, first-shipped" sequential queuing system. This means you aren't waiting for everything to be magically in stock at the same moment in time. If you order something, the next one that is physically available becomes yours. We set it aside on the shelf with your name on it. Your item sits there reserved, until all the items in your order are ready. When everything is ready, your whole order will ship. 

      If you don't want everything else held up by your back ordered item, place two separate orders (which means paying for two shipments).

      If you have any questions,