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Deluxe 4U Aluminum

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This deluxe chassis comes with a baseplate and regular feet included. You might be interested in the following:

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(mm) Height Width Depth
Top Cover
Bottom Cover
Front Panel
Rear Panel


The Deluxe Chassis is the ultimate DIY Amplifier playground.  We don't know of another chassis for sale in the world that makes life as easy for DIY Audio enthusiasts.  Packed with features so you can focus on having a good time building your amp instead of getting roadblocked by the hardest parts of custom machining.

Introducing the 4U "Jack of all Chassis"...



  • 1 x aluminum faceplate 10mm thick, 450mm wide with rounded corners and anodized in silver
  • The standard front panels do not have any holes drilled in the rear
  • We have one additional version of the silver faceplate, which for an additional price has as the following modifications:
    • 9 blind M3 pre-tapped mounting holes suitable for mounting all kinds of things to the faceplate - diodes, PCBs, riser panels, potentiometers, etc
    • Mount single or dual PSU boards directly to the back of the front panel
    • Designed so risers can be bolted to the chassis using two axis to create stable interior platforms within the chassis and maximize all the interior space 
    • Use with risers and easily mount front panel components such as pots and dials to the risers with extension rods going through the front panel, saving the need for complicated or messy hacking in order to attach things to the front panel 
    • The 9th hole is perfectly centered in the chassis and approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top (or bottom - you can spin the front 180') and can be used either as a mounting hole or as LED pilot hole

Back Panel

  • 1 x aluminum back panel 3mm thick and CNC routed to our back panel specification, ready to accept your choice of PEM, RCAs and premium binding posts or drop our back panel parts kit (not included) straight in
  • It has Neutrik XLR compatible holes on the back to accept XLR, XLR/1/4" combo or RCA-in-XLR-format connector so you can easily connect XLR, 1/4" or RCA cables to your amplifier
  • Please see the 4U Back Panel Specification for more details


  • 2 x aluminum top/bottom covers, maximally vented with 6 rows of venting strips, to provide an ideal balance between airflow and stiffness


  • 1 x galvanized steel, perforated inner baseplate 300mm deep and 1.5mm thick which is pre-drilled with a pattern of holes allowing for easy mounting as well as less flex
  • All holes in the base are in a DIY friendly 10mm x 10mm hole pattern.  This makes it easy to design the mounting for anything you might want to attach, as well as ensuring if you rotate it 90 degrees, it will also mount perfectly.
  • Holes are aligned so there is a column of holes directly in the center to make it easy to drill out a hole for perfectly centered transformer mounting
  • All diyAudio PCBs going forward will come with mounting holes spaced apart in multiples of 10mm to allow for easy mounting in any orientation
  • Riser Panels can be combined with the 10x10 pattern to create unlimited horizontal and vertical mounting configurations

Riser Panel Compatible

  • We've created riser panels that can be bolted to the base, front panel or each other to create unlimited possibilities for the maximisation of the internal space within the chassis.  
  • Want to stick burning amp output boards, bias boards, gain stage, dual psus, dual transformers, soft start and speaker protector all in a 4U chassis? Walls and shelves now simply screw together in any configuration to dramatically increase your ability to optimize the internal space.

Ideal for:


Build Guide - HERE

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    4u delux chassis

    Yes they are expensive but the look and time saved over fabricating a chassis was well worth the money.
    Get the delux and the associated hardware kit. My f5 amplifier was a perfect fit.
    Ill be back to repeat my order for the f6

    4U Deluxe for a F6 Amp

    Arrived timely. Easy to assemble but a few instructions would help. Had to drill holes to mount the provided feet. Heavy and nice quality materials. I thought there would be a LED hole but you have to drill it out which I probably will not do for concern to damage the face. Lots of mounting options. Overall very satisfied.

    Tony M.
    4U Deluxe F5 plus handles

    Chassis was a little expensive but if your doing an F5 you probably don't want to go smaller. Assembly was easy and the chassis look great and it's pretty much made for the Diyaudio boards. Rear panel has no center support and while it seams thick enough pushing on it too hard while inserting a power cord will bow it in so think about adding a brace. The predrilled front panel made mounting the handles easy. When assembled one of the handle bars was loose and the other fine so it may need a little shimming. That said I'm actually pretty happy with the chassis and would purchase again. Chassis arrived in California in 5 or 6 days.

    Rich H.
    Great chassis and easy to build

    I built the Pass DIY Sony VFET amp kit with this chassis and it turned out very nicely with drilling countersunk holes for the faceplate mounting screws and the two LEDs.

    John S.
    Excellent. Would love a mono

    Like it very much. Easy to assemble and pre drilled/tapped holes make it so easy. Would love it cut right down the middle for mono configuration

    Jan B.
    DIY w/o the mechanical hassle & dazzle.

    Especially in rural regions of developing countries it's impossible to buy the required tools and materials to build enclosures / frames / casings or anything else "metal working". So I ordered the Deluxe 4U Aluminum and after unpacking immediately saw that most of my "DIY design" amp + power supply projects would be doable the easy way. An improvement I would consider is holes in the front for power, volume and status lights. No problem if that would be an extra option. When ready I'll post pics of the amp.

    Brad S.

    Great quality! I wish these products were stocked in North America.

    Lawrence W.
    Great chassis.

    Very nicely made chassis kit. Especially the machining on the heat sinks and the front and back panels. Arrived in perfect condition because of the extensive care taken in how everything was protectively packed and fitted into the shipping box. This is my second one. The last one I assembled houses an F5. This one will be fitted with F6 boards.

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