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DIY Biamp 6-24 Crossover

$ 33.00

The DIY BIAMP 6-24 kit is a stereo analog active biamp crossover circuit designed for high flexibility. Featuring 12 discrete Jfet buffer circuits operated without negative feedback, it offers 16 continuously adjustable filter elements in two low-pass and two high-pass filters with slopes of 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB per octave and various “Q” characteristics. It has flexibility not generally offered by crossover products have “textbook” characteristics, allowing more detailed tailoring of filters around the actual character of different loudspeaker drivers.


  1. PCB
  2. 24 JFETs (selected for Idss and matched for optimal performance)
  3. 24 biasing resistors (matched to the JFETs for optimal performance)


Photography by Thuss and Farrell

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DIY Biamp 6-24 Crossover

$ 33.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
George A.
Superb DIY Active XO

Two boards were used for tri-amp crossover; low pass, bandpass, and high pass. What I am hearing is its excellence at what it doesn’t do, no sonic signature or smearing that can be experienced even with well implemented op amps. It performs its function divided audio frequencies to amps without adding or subtracting information from signal. Really happy with this xo.

Dwane J.
6-24 Crossover is a great kit.

This was my first successfully complete kit. It was very easy to assemble and provided a great learning experience. The success inspired me two try building the amp camp preamp. That was a successful project also. I have mounted them both on the bottom plate of chassis hat I’m modifying to enclose and protect them from curious fingers. After the chassis is done I’ll be looking for another project. This has been and fun and truly rewarding experience.

Vincent S.
Lift the Veil!

Using Nelson's 6-24 active crossover to biamp a system offers one of the biggest "bang for your buck" improvements available. While it took a fair amount of trial and error to adjust it to best suit my listening room, I now have a system that sounds like the best systems I've heard at audio shows, costing tens of thousands of dollars! If you were to buy a commercial active crossover of this quality, it alone would likely cost over a thousand dollars. Thanks Nelson and the DIYAUDIO team!!!

Christian W.

Very nice PCB. Easy assembly. Sound is very transparent. Excellent crossover

Louis D.
Very quick delivery of excellent product

A great product - just what I was hoping to find. No complaints regarding the board that was supplied. Very good quality. I would like to weigh in on the discussion about supplying this product for Surface Mount Components. If the board were designed for surface mount, I would guess that there are many like myself that would not be inclined to attempt the build. Please continue with through hole products.

Dirk H.
6-24XO - fantastic active crossover

The 6-24XO gives you the chance to build an excellent sounding 2-way - active -crossover (stereo) on one pcb.
The kit includes well matched J113 - JFets for the buffers. No Opamps involved.
The pcb is of very good quality. Delivery was very fast (as well the german customs).
Great kit - your chance to go 'active'.....