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DIY Front End 2022 Essentials Kit

$ 20.00

Among the appreciations of DIYers is stuff that works simply, well, and cheap, not necessarily in that order. 

This project is an effort to assemble these elements into a discrete gain stage that can be used as the front end for modest power amplifiers or as a general audio gain circuit.

For more information including the article PDF itself, please read the DIY Front End 2022 thread on diyAudio.

What's included?

  • Each kit includes two circuit boards, providing for two channels
  • 12 matched J113 JFETs
  • 2 KSA992 bipolars
  • 4 resistors matched to the JFETs

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DIY Front End 2022 Essentials Kit

$ 20.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Carl F.
Front End 2022

Transparent, detailed gain without sterility. I would call it top notch to enhance without detraction or subtraction from virtues of the amp stage.

Single ended usage @ 36v, used with Pass DIY Sony single ended SK60 VFET, superb.

Great sounding frontend

The FE2022 impresses me in four ways:
1. It has a balanced frequency response, reaching deeper lows without an excessive emphasis on upper bass. It also maintains a flat response in the presence and super high-frequency regions.
2. My build is exceptionally quiet, which enhances its ability to capture fine details, N + THD < -90dB with 48V SMPS
3. It shines in creating a realistic soundstage, with a black background that allows the sounds to stand out with clarity and precision.
4. Last but not least, it has a wide volume control range from 0 to 80 steps, making it highly functional. This is visually displayed and realized with an 10k APLS potentiometer. My build has max gain limited to 6dB, with R3 = R4 = 20k

Dirk H.
very good sounding frontend / inputstage

I received the pcbs and the nicely matched J113 in the essential kit a few weeks ago.
I use it at the moment as a preamp. A very good sounding preamp! Not the drive capabilities like an ACP+,
close to the clarity and more analytic sound of Waynes Line Stage.
I am running it in dual mono configuration. I have built two PSUs (linear regulated after CRC-filter / +-20 V DC -rails) and it is very low noise.
It is a beautiful - simple circuit! I have put more efforts on the PSU. You get this at a bargain!
One possibility to avoid buying precious TOSHIBA or LINEAR SYSTEMS- JFets.
Your chance, if the next run is getting to the shop. Thanks to Nelson Pass and the DIYAUDIO STORE-team!
Enjoy the sound

Rick M.
Not as good as $20,000 line stages

As if I would know. Have never been in the presence of such nonsense.

Ridiculously good - don't skimp on the power supply.

As usual - another gift to music lovers from the one and only.

Pass Pre

What can I say….DIY store & Mr. Pass provide world class products!

John C.
19.5 volts

I'm using the same 19.5 volt laptop adapters that power my Mofos, and it provides the right amount of gain and sounds great.