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Elekit TU-8150 6AQ5/6V6 Single Tube Amp/HPA Kit

$ 485.00

The TU-8150 is the little brother to the TU-8200 and allows for both tube and opamp rolling so you can have fun tuning the sound to suit your own listening preferences.


  • Ultra linear, triode and pentode modes selectable using a jumper
  • Headphone jack
  • Ample space for larger capacitors

Tube Rolling

  • Natively supports 6005W/6AQ5
  • Supports 6V6 by installing the included PCB adapter

Opamp Rolling

  • Includes NJM4580 Opamp
  • Compatible with many other aftermarket Opamps such as Burson Dual-V5i and Dual-V6

Included Tubes

  • 1 x JJ 12AX7/ECC83
  • 2 x 6AQ5W/6005W




    Circuit configuration Vacuum tube SET Amp
    Output stage

     UL 2.9W +2.(W

    Pentode 2.9W + 2.9W

    Triode    1.6W + 1.6W                 (8 ohm)

    Tube options

    Output tube : 6005W (standard) x 2 pcs

    options : 6V6  X 2

    Voltage amplification tube : 12AX7  x 1 pcs



    Rated input

    140mV (INPUT-1)  410mV (INPUT-2)*UL connection

    Frequency response (-3dB)

    20Hz - 50kHz

    Residual noise (IHF-A, 8ohm load)

    75uV RMS

    Input terminal

    INPUT-1 (Front) 3-pole mini jack(priority)

    INPUT-2 (Rear) RCA jack

    Output Terminal

    SP output terminal

    Power voltage

     AC 50/60Hz (115V  and 230V) 

    IEC standard 3P inlet

    Power consumption

    28W * no signal 


    W210 x H122.5 x D252


    Approx 3.5 Kg

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    Elekit TU-8150 6AQ5/6V6 Single Tube Amp/HPA Kit

    $ 485.00 USD

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    matt h.
    Great audio amp kit!

    I had fun building the TU 8150 amp. I chose 6V6 outputs as I have many NOS tubes. I spent 6 hours building it. Highly recommended.