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The Galaxy line makes a great home for small projects and has handy multi-purpose quasi-heatsinks on the sides.

The top and bottom covers and made of steel, while the rear panel is made of aluminum to make it easy to drill any needed holes.

All Galaxy chassis feature:

  • Sides: 10mm quasi heatsinks, black anodized aluminum
  • Top cover: 1mm steel with black anti-scratch paint
  • Bottom cover: 1mm steel with black anti-scratch paint
  • Rear panel: 3mm black anodized aluminum
Size Front Panel Internal (mm) External (mm) Faceplate (mm)
Height Width Depth Height Width Depth Height Width Depth
1GX247: 1U/40mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 170mm (D) 3mm Silver Anodized Aluminum 40 210 170 42 230 176 44 234 3
1GX287: 2U/80mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 170mm (D) 3mm Silver Anodized Aluminum 80 210 170 82 230 176 84 234 3
1GX283: 2U/80mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 230mm (D) 3mm Silver Anodized Aluminum 80 210 230 82 230 236 84 234 3
1GX388: 2U/80mm (H) x 330mm (W) x 280mm (D) 3mm Silver Anodized Aluminum 80 310 280 82 330 286 84 334 3
1GX247: 1U/40mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 170mm (D) 3mm Black Anodized Aluminum 40 210 170 42 230 176 44 234 3

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Nice case

This is a “4” rating only because a panel thinner than 10mm isn’t offered. An option like 5mm would make DIY for us without a machine shop a lot easier. The cabinet is excellent otherwise. Photo of preamp/headphone amp project (work in progress) mounted on the bottom of the enclosure

James T.
Great little chassis

I built a Raspberry Pi-based streaming player into this chassis. It includes a 3.5" touch display and rotary encoder on the front panel, as well as a Khadas Tone 1 DAC and a 5 volt linear supply. I asked for front panel CNC customization - I sent Modushop a drawing and they turned it around really fast - in a couple of days. Great work as always!


I needed a taller chassis due to mods associated with the NuTube B1 kit board. This did the trick..the kit chassis top & bottom plate were used because there were no slots. Worked great.

James S.
The GALAXY 1U W/STEEL COVERS makes a great phono preamp chassis

As you can see everything fit. The power regulator board and two tube based phono preamps. It looks really nice and works well. The raw DC power supply is remote for noise reasons. I use the Galaxy steal chassis for most of my projects. I'm currently working on the main preamp which will also fit nicely into the same chassis.

Troy S.
Fantastic Product

Absolute bargain and incredible value to dollar ratio!

Nice chassis for the price.

The Galaxy (steel with 3mm faceplate) is a solid unit. I would order it again for certain. A couple of things to note: 1. The stick-on feet do not match the quality of the chassis. I opted for some other feet that raise it higher and will not fall off; 2. Even the 3mm aluminum faceplate/back plate can be difficult to cut/drill precisely if you only have a hand drill and a Dremel. If use are using such tools, get the 3mm version, not the thicker one. My advice: get some thick aluminum sheet to practice on before working on your faceplate or backing plate. Also -- the size of the faceplate and backing plate are slightly different. Label them so you don't make a mistake with drilling!