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The diyAB "Honey Badger" Class AB Power Amp - 150W/Channel

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The first Class AB power amplifier to be featured at the diyAudio Store. It has been designed from the ground up with the sonic character, power output and most of all the DIYer in mind. With a basic power output of 150W at 8 ohms, this power amp is sure to have a place in every builder’s projects list. Not to mention its flexibility and adaptability to work with most output devices available locally in wherever country you may be.

Please visit the Honey Badger Helpdesk Thread for any questions you might have and for a definitive list of links to all articles and discussions about the amp itself, the build guide, schematics, and Bill of Materials.  The designer OSTripper is active over in the Honey Badger General Discussion Thread which is where all the action is.

Important note on resistor lead size: The resistor lead holes were intentionally made small by the designer. Please check the lead sizes of the parts in the BOM and use them as your maximum lead thickness before purchasing alternate resistors.

Additional Information 

Dimensions 253mm x 76mm
Mounting holes UMS Heatsink Compatible
Number of boards included 2
Layers 2
Board Revision 2.4

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Bruno G.
My second Honey badger amp.

Hello every body,
I built my first Badger Amp last year and was very pleased with the result.
So I decide to built a second one as dual mono and balanced design.
Dual Mono : 2 x 400 VA transformers and 2 x sets of capacitors totalizing 120 000 µF for each channel.
Balanced design : to avoid ground loop and hum in complicated situation.
I am using balanced equipment, not only for fun or for the pleasure to have XLR connectors but because my listening system is tri amplified and the use of unbalanced amps in multi-amplification system frequently produce hum caused by ground loop.
To avoid these problems the simplest way is to use balanced equipment.
For this reason, I “modify” the Badger amp in a balanced design.
When I say “modify” it is a little exaggerated because the existing design can easily be used as a true balanced amp, and, of course it works fine.
I have checked distortion, noise level and all other parameters which are identical to the original unbalanced one.
Not sure this message will help any other audio enthusiast, but I assure you, it can be helpful in peculiar case where ground loops are critical and of course to avoid trouble in multi-amplification design.
Ig you are not pleased with your actual amp, no time to waste, go to your solder iron and built your own Badger Amp !
You will not be disappointed. Badger amp is really a bargain and a musical instrument.

Bruno G.
a realy very good amp !

I already build some Pass class A amp. but class A is not a good idea with powerful item.
I decide to try the Honey Badger. The design of Ostripper was very clever. There is all necessary element to obtain a fine result.
To my opinion there is in the schematics exactly what is needed to obtain a "good" amp but without complication. Except the fact that some holes are a little too small, the PCB is of good quality. I propose to clean the soldering side before beginning to obtain good solders. It is easy to populate.
The start procedure is well described and works perfectly... even if you made a mistake. When completed, I finally had the opportunity to hear nice music flowing from my speaker due to the exceptional quality of the Badger amp.
I am not disappointed and I begin a second one.
I can say it is a very good thing and a very musical amplifier.
Bravo to Pete Ostripper and thank you to Diy Audio Store to allow us to obtain such a result.

Excellent Amp

Built 2 pairs for a bi-amped ESL setup. They sound amazing and were easy to build. Amps are quiet and the detail is fantastic. I would highly recommend this amp build to others.

Quality boards, nice sound

I'm not done tuning it yet, but it is built and has been tested on big speakers, and it pushes them very well and sounds better than what I currently use in the living room. This was my first amp that I have built, and the support thread was very supportive. Very pleased with the overall experience and the sound is great! Nice amp, thanks!

Sal M.
I have had issues with this build from the beginning

This is my second set of boards the first I kept having issues could not get the dc offset working after several tear downs I bought a new set of board and got it working using all new parts and the same power transistors. I had the old ones working several times but they just kept burning out. Two things I found the parts list is confusing to many variations and suggestions I built the new ones piece by piece with the 2013 version on the Store. Second the through holes on the board are to small in many cases and I think drilling them out caused issues on the first set of boards in cases the power resistors would not fit. Third the foum as valuable as the people are and the help they provide is excellent however the thread on the badger needs a cleanup it’s to long and it has too many variations in the the tread we need one with just the current build it some of us me included don’t have the technical background to really understand all those. I envy the folks that do, for me it’s a hobby I love and have built many of these dyi store items without issue, but in part that’s paint by the numbers!

Ashley G.
a work of art

well designed and manufactured. Invites completion!

Excellent board quality

Excellent board quality (especially for the given price) including huge solder pads. Fast (< one week) and smooth delivery to CH. Looking forward to the build. The only points I could wish for at the moment are (i) a left/right symmetric design, (ii) place for pcb mount RCA terminals at the input, (iii) more closely placed speaker output and speaker ground terminals. But then again, it is a very solid design and build for a hardly visible price.

Nice and well made

I cant use my Dale RN60 resistors the holes are too narrow. Otherwise som nice boards

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