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Mezmerize B1 Buffer

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The Mezmerize is a direct coupled preamp (no coupling caps) based on Nelson Pass's B1 Buffer. It boasts symmetrical Salas shunt voltage regulators that use LED strings for very accurate voltage reference. Included in the board are provisions for up to 6 relays for input signal switching and an output relay for delayed start-up muting. Being based on the B1 Buffer, Voltage Gain should be close to 1.

Please visit the Mezmerize Helpdesk Thread to ask any questions.

"Ten Years After" Special reissue

The new PCB bring some improvements over the original:

  1. The mounting distances are now compatible with the Hifi2000 perforated chassis baseplates that the diyAudio store carries

  2. The five LEDS +/- voltage reference chains in the PSUs now work with equal current bias as in the vintage Hypnotize hot-rod version

Notes on the re-issue, Bill of Materials and Schematic

200.49 x 68.58 mm
Mounting holes Holes on 10mm x 10mm grid
Number of boards included 1
Layers 2
Board Revision 2C

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steve W.
Great sound, great value

My build was balanced using two boards, 2 pole selector, and I used two dual pots for separate volume controls. It has 3 XLR inputs and 3 RCA. An inverter provides balanced outputs for the RCA inputs. Outputs are XLR and RCA - XLR pin 2 through 100 ohms to the RCA as recommended on the forum. Each board is powered with a AnTek AS0515 toroid. Left the board ground/common floating. Mu-metal shielding was put between the transformers and the boards. I added 8 Jantzen 4.7uf Superior Z-cap output caps on boards above the Mez boards with relays to short them out (bypass) with a back panel switch. I want to add a mute switch on the front perhaps to the on-board power up mute relay or I may add one. I built an Allen Wright RTP5 clone which sounds awesome. This Mez sounds more mellow yet the sound is detailed and pleasing. I also tried a B1 clone operating on 24VDC and was admittedly under powered compared to the Mez which sounded flat and dimensionless compared to this Mez build. I matched the LSK-170B FETS, buying around 30.

This board is a great way to go both for great sound and easy on the budget.

Joel W.
Reference Preamp

I have 4 of these. Enough said!

Thomas A.
Great service and quality!

I have received the PCB´s but not put them to use yet.

Paul v.B.


Federico A.
Great quality!

Superior build!

John F.

Mezmerize B1 Buffer