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COVID19 international shipping & US protests impact statements

We have just updated our COVID19 international shipping impact statement.

You can read about what we believe is the current impact from COVID, country blocks/disruptions and delays.

Non-US customers - you are affected by COVID19 Disruptions

Here is the summary of our detailed guidance regards COVID19 impacting international shipments from our US warehouse and shipping to the rest of the world, based on our experience and data:

  • Expect 15-60 days delay extra on DHL Paket and DHL Parcel
  • Expect 7-30 days delay to USPS International priority
  • Expect 7-15 days delay to DHL Direct
  • Expect 7-15 days delay to USPS Express
  • Expect 1-5 days delay to DHL Express

US customers - you are affected by "Black lives matter" protest disruptions

In addition to the above, for US customers receiving FedEx shipments from Italy, we have seen average delivery times go from 3-5 days to 7-15 days as a result of disruptions from the last two weeks of protests in major cities. US domestic USPS priority shipments have been relatively unaffected. We recommend allowing an extra 2-3 days. 

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