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International Customers: DHL Express is no longer DDP (Delivered Duties Paid)

The following should be noted by our international customers:

  • DHL Express shipping is no longer DDP (Delivered Duties Paid)
  • You are responsible for paying your own duties and taxes
  • Many rates have become more affordable

Eighteen months ago, we launched DHL Express as an international shipping option with DDP (Delivered Duties Paid), which proved impressive in service quality. However, determining accurate DDP pricing has been challenging, often resulting in undercharges or overcharges.

We considered utilizing professional services like Zonos to manage this issue, but their not insignificant costs, when factored into our small-scale international operations, did not make sense for us or our customers.

Therefore, we've decided to discontinue the DDP service for the time being. Customers will now manage any duties and taxes on their orders themselves, which we believe will offer better value.

As we evolve and find an efficient solution, we may reintroduce DDP in the future. Thank you for your understanding.


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