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Amp Camp Amp Chassis

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The new Amp Camp Amp V1.6 chassis is custom made for your Amp Camp Amp. 

Available in silver or back front panels, with with or without a front panel power switch cutout. The ACA parts kit does include a rear DPDT toggle switch which could be used as a rear power switch if you didn't want to use it for any other function (bridge mode switching, LED dimming, etc), or of course just DIY. The rear panel and covers are intentionally made of easy to work aluminum so that it's easy to mod, however you want to mod it!

    This design is based on the 2U Mini Dissipante, which has an internal space of 230mm wide and 200mm deep (heatsinks). You can find more information and specifications on the 2U Mini Dissipante product information page. 


      • Heatsinks: 2 x 2U UMS heatsinks with the new 2U UMS 8 hole pattern drilled and tapped with M3 threads
      • Covers: 3mm black anodized aluminum
      • Front panel: 10mm silver aluminum, with
        • 2 recessed LED cutouts, 3mm in front, 6mm blind recess in rear 
        • "Pass ACA Class A Amplifier" silkscreen
        • Front power switch hole:
          • 20mm dia hole in front, 22mm blind recess in rear
          • Compatible with 19mm "vandal proof" switches with 22mm bezel should you want to "pimp your chassis"
      • Rear panel: 3mm black anodized aluminum, with the following cutouts:
        • 2 RCAs
        • 2 pairs of speaker binding posts
        • 1 11mm dia DC input
        • 1 6.4mm dia power toggle / option switch
        • 1 Neutrik D-Series XLR pattern
      • Shipping not included, but is very economical

     Change history:

    • V1.5 / March 2018
      • First revision of chassis
    • V1.6
      • Added front power switch
      • Rear DC jack hole enlarged from 8mm to 11mm
      • Rear toggle switch hole enlarged from 6mm to 6.4mm 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Amp Camp Amp chasis

    Ordered on a Tuesday and it was delivered to me 2 days later from Italy!!!! The chassis was of excellent quality and went together without issue. It looks great! Thanks Diyaudio!!!

    Pass ACA Class A Amp

    I enjoyed building the 1.6 version amp. Received it quickly in about 5 days. It took me about 3 nights of careful checking, assembly, soldering and wire routing. After getting over the initial fear and OCD it looks like a professional quality build and very satisfying to know I've built it.
    Very pleased with quality of parts and black aluminum case.
    Sounds great & musical - amazing for a single ended Mosfet amp with only 8 watts.
    Very similar approach in sound to low powered tube equipment such as my ASL 300B SET integrated amp.
    The music with good recordings is very fluid and dynamic. On "Rites of String" I can hear the wood of Stanley Clark's bass string plucking attack and decay, Al Dimeola's guitar flourishes and Jean Luc-Ponty's rich soaring violin solos.

    Great recordings sound magical, average recordings sound average. Find the great recordings, worth the musical reward!

    Equipment used: Prima Luna Prolouge Eight Tube CD Player, Headroom The Max used as a preamp driving Ohm D2 speakers (90 db efficiency) or Beta Sound 075 (Cornscala type horn speakers with slotted cabinets 99 db efficiency).

    ACA, first build

    This was my first electronic build of any kind. Thoughts:
    Ordering was easy.
    The 'needed tools' instructions were very helpful, and covered everything necessary to complete the project. This got things off on the right foot, really appreciated, as I just didn't know what I didn't know.
    Shipments were fast, well-packed, well-labelled.
    Having the website tutorial was great, makes a lot of sense. User comments within the tutorial were also very helpful, and a nice feature.
    Never soldered before this project (seems like I wasn't alone in taking this on w/out prior experience, which was one of the draws), had a lot of fun, learned a ton, and the project was very accessible.
    The parts are all high quality. Everything fit/worked exactly as it was supposed to. All components measured perfectly.
    Pecked away at the project over the weekend, double (let's be honest, triple)-checked everything, and it's still a fast, enjoyable undertaking. Highly recommended -

    An Excellent Chassis for an Excellent Kit

    Given the cost, I was not expecting a chassis of this quality. It's well-designed and solidly built. Everything fit as expected. No misaligned holes or deep scratches or gouges. No missing parts. The faceplate looks great in black. I was shipped a silver faceplate by mistake but diyaudio store fixed that quickly. All in all a great experience.

    Nice chassis

    The face plate is much thicker that I expected. Nice quality.

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